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If you have ever tried to publish an Audiobook through Amazon’s ACX platform, then you know that it’s not the best option for you, to say the least.

They make you sign an exclusive contract with them for seven years… Then they even offer you tiny royalties as a reward for your long-term commitment. 

We have been there, done that, and it is not something we would want you to go through, especially knowing there is a much better way.

What If We Told You That There Is a Platform That Not Only
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Audiobooks Sales Are Growing Like Crazy a Steady
25% Per Year, Totaling a 1.2 Billion Dollars
A Year In The US Only.

People Love Audiobooks, Since They Have Less And Less Time To Read. It Is a Growing Market For a Reason, And
It’s Only Going To Keep Growing Exponentially Over
The Coming Years. Now It's Your Time To Jump In!

From recent statistics, big publishing houses have seen an incredible increase in audiobooks sales, up to 25% in annual sales depending on the audio format. Consider that Simon & Schuster saw an increase of 43% in sales, while Harper & Collins experienced 25% more sales, and Hachette a solid 21%. The Association of American’s Publishers saw an elevation in sales of over 32%.

That means audiobooks have been growing incredibly and without a pause since 2017, and soon they will become way more popular than eBooks, as they are more digestible without the need to read books. Many adults are purchasing 15 audiobooks per year, Audible is growing like crazy, and a lot of new platforms are popping up all over the place.

The best moment to start with audiobooks is now. For a clear reason. The market is ready and eager to buy more audiobooks in different genres, not only in the fiction genre.

Customers on Amazon and other marketplaces are anxious to get their hands on Audiobooks in all kinds of genres. Now is your time to join this movement and make your books available in audio format!

Audiobooks Sell At a Higher Price Than Digital Books
Or Even Paperback Books, Which Means You Can Make Way More Money Selling The Same Number Of Books.

Creating An Audiobook With Our Method Is Completely Hands-Free. You Will Get a Narrator To Create It For You At An Insanely Low Price, While Making Tons of Royalties From 43 Different Sales Channels!
Inside this video course, we will show you how to get your books recorded in audio format, regardless of where you live.

  •  Where to find the cheapest and best narrators for your audiobooks.
  • ​ The secret to increasing audiobook sales compared to Amazon’s ACX platform.
  • The entire process of creating from publishing your audiobooks from scratch.
  • ​ Where to sell your audiobooks to almost make royalties on autopilot.
  • ​ How to create stunning audiobooks covers.
  •  And much, much more!
In short, this is a complete video course where we guide you from A to Z in publishing your book as an audiobook, even if you have never published one before and if you live outside the United States.
From The Desk Of:
Alessandro Zamboni
Andreas Quintana
Audiobooks are the new craze for a very good reason, as they are adding more options to the usual way we read books. That’s why people are going crazy about audiobooks, thousands of new people join the Amazon Audiobooks membership every month, and thousands more purchase books in that format when they use up their free credits. 

This is a goldmine only a few people are taking advantage of, and it’s time you start profiting in a brand-new way: publishing your audiobooks!

Apart from all the huge advantages we list on this sales page, helping visually impaired people is what motivated us the most. Being of service to people is incredibly rewarding. For me especially, since I suffered a lot in life. So, giving people with visual impairments the ability to enjoy books is unbelievable.

With audiobooks, you give a brand-new market a chance to enjoy your books. This is what makes this course so special.

eBooks Are Losing The Battle With Audiobooks
For Profits And Ease Of Use.
  • Audiobooks are great everywhere, on the go, before you sleep and even while you sleep or do other things (passive listening.)
  • You can dive into awesome new worlds while you hear an audiobook, even with your eyes closed.
  • Audiobooks boost people’s attention span, focus and memory.
  • Audiobooks help improve pronunciation and vocabulary.
  • You dive into the story, immersing yourself. Do you remember how you loved stories your parents told as a child?
  • 85% of what we learn is learned by listening.
  • For people with visual impairments, audiobooks are fundamental. You can dominate a whole new market.
And What About The Super Set Of Benefits? Here we go:
  •  Conquer your slice of the audiobooks market.
  •  Start publishing in a big niche with eager buyers.
  •  Get paid more for the work of others (narrators).
  • ​ Become a famous audiobook seller.
  • ​ Sell your audiobooks on up to 43 marketplaces and cash in higher royalties.
  • ​ You create one book, and profit from multiple formats.
  •  Learn new skills you can teach others.
  • ​ Start monetizing your eBooks or paperback books in a brand-new way.
  • ​ And enjoy the time spent counting money!
This is a business you can start today, and you can be ready to go in one afternoon after watching our easy and straight-to-the-point videos!

This is a special moment in history where you can get paid and become known for what you do all over the world. This step by step video course gives you the tools to outsmart your competitors in a short time.

We Are Talking About Audiobooks, With The Chance To Dominate A Whole New Market, Hitting Up To 42 Marketplace With A Couple Of Clicks.

No Other Course Gives You The Liberty To Turn Your Books And Ebooks Into Audio, With Simple Steps to Follow
And No Headaches!

This is the most breakthrough course we ever put together introducing a new era of publishing, teaching you everything you need to know about audiobook creation and distribution, in the easiest way possible for you. A method that is great for US authors, English speaking authors, as well as international authors as well!
  • ​An evergreen market, filled with audiobooks lovers.
  • ​You can create as many audiobooks as you want with our method.
  • This is a business like nothing else in the world, and it works like crazy.
3 Steps To Repeat To Earn Passive Income!
Find a book you want to convert into an audiobook.
Find the perfect narrator for your audiobook.
It will be published for you on up to 42 different marketplaces!

This is a business you can start today, and you can be ready to go in one afternoon after watching our easy and straight-to-the-point videos!

This is a special moment in history where you can get paid and become known for what you do all over the world. This step by step video course gives you the tools to outsmart your competitors in a short time.

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A fresh new video series on how to create audiobooks starting from your Kindle books. You will be able to find narrators recording their voice for you, so no troubles and no stress on your side.

You will be able to multiply your profits thanks to audiobooks, the most paid format between eBooks and Paperbooks.
Get used to hear audiobooks, to check their quality, their tone with a good selection of public domain websites focused on audiobooks of classic stories. The best selection you can find online, ready for you on a PDF file.
We created for you a list of the best narrators you can find outside ACX, if you decide to follow this way. There are narrators for US language, Spanish, German and Italian.

And for you there's also a list of the 4 top audiobooks cover designers.

This Is The Course You’ve Been Waiting For, Opening Up New Opportunities For Publishers And Kindle Authors Like You.

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Alessandro Zamboni
Andreas Quintana
P.S. If you think audiobooks are not the future, better for us! You are leaving an entire goldmine on the table! If you are seeing this as an unbelievable opportunity instead, we are waiting for you to join the club!

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