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"Bonus Page Generator" is our software to generate bonus pages in a few minutes, in a simple way that guarantees profits!
  • Your customers prefer to buy affiliate products where they get more for their spending. Giving bonuses will bring them back to purchase from you!
  • This online software generates your bonus pages using my secret template, which closed many sales.
  • You can promote digital or physical products, or use this software as a freelancer or product seller!

A recent study by the University of Minnesota discovered that buyers prefer to get a bonus over discounts. And just adding a single bonus gives you the chance to close 73% more sales.
Bonuses work. It’s not big news. And often, I end up purchasing products only because of the quality of the bonuses, not for the product itself.
It’s normal. In our head, if we can get more value from the same money we spend, we will obviously go where bonuses are offered. We see that in every market, not only in online marketing.
So what’s missing in the market? A software building bonus pages for you in a few steps. Brilliant pages with your bonuses where visitors can’t say no. In this way, you can increase affiliate sales, bringing you way more people to buy everything you are promoting.

You Have Two Streets In Front Of You,
But Only One Is Proven To Work.

With The Right One Your Customers Can Turn Into...
The Usual One...

No Bonuses On Purchase...
They Search For Other Affiliates
Giving Great Bonuses.

The New One!

Multiple Bonuses On Purchase!
They Are Happy To Stay With You
Because You Provide Bonuses!

As you can see from the previous photos, only one way really makes your customers happy. And it's not selling without bonuses.

Giving some bonuses to your customers and getting them to land on your bonus page instead of clicking an affiliate link will close way more sales for you, and in the long term, those same customers will stay for you longer.

I had the chance to test this on my email list. I wasn't giving away bonuses in the first years, with low conversions and a few sales. Now things changed, and with only 10 minutes spent on this software to create a bonus page, I saw my affiliate conversions rise like crazy.

Let's See What Does It Mean To Have Our Bonus Page Generator:
  •  Independent from any other selling or website systems.
  • ​ Full control over your bonus pages on YOUR own domain names.
  • Easier way to promote your bonus pages on social media.
  • ​ Working on all devices, like desktop, Mac, tablets and mobile phones.
  •  Responsive design resulting in perfect displaying on all devices.
  • ​ Create unlimited bonus pages.
  •  Commercial license included. 
  • ​ A new business model for you: create HTML5 bonus pages for others and sell them               for quick and easy profits!
  •  And so much more!
This Is Different From Any Other Bonus Page Builder
Software You Have Ever Seen On The Market.
From The Desk Of:
Alessandro Zamboni
Dirk Wagner
Considering we give you access to many products you can give away as bonuses with our software, imagine how easy it becomes to make sales. It's just selecting the products, creating the bonus page, and passing it to your customers via your mailing list, Youtube video, or blog post. You are fully covered and don't have to spend a cent to get the bonuses!

The software has been created, adjusted, and fixed to become my bonus page generator: I want the best to run my business, and it helps me close more sales. With the 10 minutes you use to create the bonus page, you can claim many more sales.

The bonus page you get can be used for yourself or sold on the web on websites like Fiverr, eBay, and many more because we also added a free Commercial License for you. We don't keep this away for the OTO1 like many others.

It's time to stop costly bonus page software, eating your profit month by month, and to applications with a steep learning curve that you can barely use. Our software is unlimited and runs how many times you want for yourself and your customers. Imagine how many affiliates would like bonus pages already made for them. 

Be Different. Do Not Follow What Other Marketers Are Doing. Start Giving Amazing Bonuses With a Stunning Page To Who Purchases The Products You Promote!

Want To Check a Couple Of Bonus Pages We Created
With Our Brand New Software?

This Page Has Been Created With Bonus Graphics
From a Famous Bonus Package By Brendan Mace.

This Page Has Been Created Totally From Zero
By Using PLR Products Graphics.

This Software Is So Advanced That
You Will Love It From The First Bonus Page!
  • This is an unlimited software, meaning you won't spend anything more.
  • You can increase your earnings with ease, like super affiliates are doing.
  • You can earn more by simply creating one bonus page per launch you are promoting.
  • Your customers will love you, and will buy more from your emails, blog, videos and social media posts!
  • You can make money reselling the bonus pages you are generating.
  • And much, much more!
Skyrocket Your Sales And Conversions
In a Way You Never Imagined!

Thanks To This Software, Creating Your Next
Bonus Page Will Be a Breeze!
And What About The Super Set Of Benefits? Here we go!
  •  Only a small fraction of affiliates is currently using bonus pages.
  •  Your conversions will skyrocket by using your new bonus pages.
  • ​ You will increase sales, and the money you will generate from each promo.
  • ​ You can use this for your business, or you can create pages as a freelancer.
  •  You can create bonus pages for your affiliates, if you are a seller.
  • ​ Become a leader between your followers, for providing top quality bonuses.
  • ​ And enjoy using Bonus Page Generator!

Please Check One Of My Bonus Page In Detail:

As You Can See, You Can Set Up The Bonus Page
Exactly As You Like, Adding Features, Buttons
And Bonus Product Images And Removing
Features You Don't Need.

The first online software that can create unlimited bonus pages for your affiliate promotions, to let your conversions grow up to 73%. Make more sales with the same effort!
  • ​ Create completely customizable bonus pages.
  • ​ ​Decide what to add, and what to leave out from your page.
  • Use the bonus pages for yourself, or resell them to other people.
Repeat These 3 Easy Steps to Create
An Unlimited Set Of Bonus Pages!
Choose The Affiliate Program
You Want To Promote.
Create Your Super Bonus Page With Your Custom Bonuses.
Sell Way More Products
And Services!

Thanks to this software, you can create how many bonus pages you want, in any language you want, because we thought about this tool to give you a lot more than what you pay for.

This tool is made to work online, so it's perfect for desktop computers based on Windows and Mac, mobile phones or tablets. It works like a charm creating your bonus templates exactly like you love them. 

And here you don't have to run to create bonus pages because you are asked a monthly payment. Here you are free to do whatever you want, because you end up paying only $17 lifetime. It's incredible, and we made this for you. 

Bonus Pages Are The Solution To Sell More.
Give People More Power To Their Dollars,
Allowing Them To Get More From You.

No Other Bonus Page Creator Around Gives You
So Much Value And Step-By-Step Help To
Let You Create Your Dream's Bonus Page.

Here's What You Get When You Purchase My Product
It is our brand new software, made from the ground up to create fantastic bonus pages for you, to promote and sell more digital and physical products and services with the same efforts. Spend 10 minutes with this app, and you will be able to generate a stunning bonus page for you or your customers.
If you don't want to use some personal bonuses that add much more value, you can use some books from this humongous MRR Rights bundle, including over 3,150 books for you in different niches. The value of this deal is big, but if you act today, you can claim it for free. So you can get started immediately on using our software!

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Our software is fast and also incredibly easy to use.

Remember, you can also claim a big bonus made of hundreds of Master Resell Rights products to use as your personal bonuses.

So you can run your affiliate promos in a brand new way, getting more sales.

And on top of all that, you are also covered by our 14-day money-back guarantee.

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If you also need help, please contact me through my email address.

Thanks a lot and see you on the inside!

Alessandro Zamboni
Dirk Wagner
P.S. If you want to get 73% more chances to sell affiliate products, a bonus page can make miracles for you.

P.P.S. This software has been thought to be a helpful shortcut for all the affiliates who need to create fast bonus pages without having to pay high monthly fees and want something fast with commercial rights. Please do not lose the chance to grab it at the low-cost introductory offer!

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