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Here Is a Set Of 200 Plots For You,
For Writing Cozy Mystery, Fantasy,
Romance And Adventure Stories.

I Created Those 200 Plots For You,
So You Can Start Fast To Create
Winning Stories With ChatGPT.

The great things is that even if 1,000 people buy those plots
and use them with ChatGPT, there will never be the same story.
They will be all different!

Want To See a Few Examples?

A young princess must flee her kingdom after her parents are killed by a rival ruler who wants to seize the throne. Along the way, she discovers that she has the power to communicate with animals and uses her abilities to gather an army and reclaim her kingdom.

The owner of a cozy bed and breakfast is murdered, and it's up to the guest staying at the inn to solve the crime before the killer strikes again.

A man falls in love with a woman who has a deep passion for travel and adventure, and must decide if he is willing to follow her wherever she goes.

A group of friends goes on a hiking trip through a remote mountain range and gets lost, struggling to find their way back while facing challenges and dangers.

As You Can See, Each One Of Those 200 Plots Is Well Thought, And If Passed Through ChatGPT Can Give You
Any Type Of Story You Want: Short Stories Or Novels.

Imagine How Many Kindle eBooks And
Paper Books You Can Create With Those Plots!

Thanks and see you on the inside!
Alessandro Zamboni
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