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  • A cheatsheet is a short document to inform people on a specific subject (news, trends, ideas, niches...)
  • The software is 100% newbie friendly.
  • It takes only 2/3 minutes to create a cheatsheet from zero.
  • Cheatsheets are incredible tools to generate leads and sales. 
  • And you will love creating cheatsheets on the fly!
  • UNLIMITED MARKET - Think about how many different niches you can target inside a cheatsheet.

Did you know that the popular "Cheatsheet Empire" was selected as a Warrior Plus Deal Of The Day because it brought a wave of fresh air in a saturated market like this? It's true! In the shortest time over 940 copies flew off the shelves! Fact is... Cheatsheets are *hot* and you deserve to profit from them as fast as possible!

So I teamed up with Dirk Wagner, a software programmer, to create with him the easiest software to generate the famous 1-page cheatsheets by entering just your name, a keyword and then let the software create the complete 1-page cheatsheet for you.

You will get back a fully editable cheatsheet with 45 live and auto-updating links, something that will require at least 2 hours to be written that way… And you will get it in LESS than 27 seconds…

Cheatsheets are the best tool ever created to grow your list and to make sales. Are you ready to jump on our smart software?

Take a Look At Two Examples:
This is totally out of this world, right?
How Many Cheatsheets Like These Two Ones Would You Create Yourself, When It Only Takes Seconds To Build Them?
Creating cheatsheets by hand requires no less than 2 hours. But if you also put in the time needed to find something appealing, we are talking about a total of just 5 or 6 hours to get your product to the stage that it is ready to market.

With all the hassle to find great links, posting them in the right category, checking if everything works and then completing the cheatsheet and converting it into PDF or HTML files... How much work!

What if you just insert your keyword (that could be a niche, an idea, a topic, a videogame or anything else), you click one button and you get your cheatsheet compiled in HTML and ready to be sold?

There's a Crazy Value Inside
"Cheatsheet Generator"
And It's All To Be Discovered!

Most of The Software You Buy Don't Give You
Real Solutions For Your Business...
  • You end up with too much work to manage and no results at all.

  • They involve too many tasks on different websites, and it's so hard to put them together, like a puzzle.

  • Other methods require a lot of time to be used or activated, and you end up with no idea on what to do if things go wrong.

  • You feel let down by other methods that promise the moon and deliver no results at all, even with a lot of work.

  • You are left in the middle of nowhere, because half of the method is hidden on another upsell...
This Is a Totally Different Solution From What You Have
Seen Until Now, And Gives You a Turnkey Solution To
Generate Leads And Making Easy Sales.
From The Desk Of:
Alessandro Zamboni & Dirk Wagner
For a limited time only, you can access this software to create unlimited cheatsheets to sell them in any way you like.

Thinking about profitable ways to use the software, imagine having a membership site where you give your customers access to some cheatsheets every month. Or again, you can create one or two cheatsheets per week and sell them on your desired marketplace, including Warrior Plus, JVZoo, Kindle marketplace and so on.

The choice is entirely yours and you were at the center of our thoughts when we created this software.

Try to install our software and generate two or three cheatsheets about your ideas. It’s awesome to be able to save so much time, without the need to search on the web, paste the links and check everything is right before publishing.
Imagine How Much Time You Will Save
With This Brilliant Software Solution!

This is not only a time-saver, but also a money-saver. You can do it all on your own in 2 minutes of time, without the need to proofread your work or outsource it.

Imagine how many cheatsheets you could sell from now on… This is crazy value! Just think about a hot topic, insert it and you’re ready with your PDF or HTML report ready to be sold or distributed for free.

Thanks To The Original Cheatsheet Generator, You Can:
  • Save a lot of time on cheatsheet creation.
  • Save a bunch of money, as no proofreading is needed.
  • Way less time needed to create a product. 
  • ​More authority from every cheatsheet you build.
  • You know something the masses still don't know yet.
Check An Example Cheatsheet Created
In 27 Seconds With Our Software.
This is a Step-By-Step Software,
Made For Newbies And Advanced Users.
An easy to use software for Windows that creates new cheatsheets in a few seconds. All you have to do is enter your name, and a keyword. The software will do the rest for you.
  • ​Create unlimited cheatsheets on the fly.
  • ​Super easy and never seen before.
  • It helps you to build your list and make money from sales.
3 Steps To Repeat To Earn Passive Income!
Find a niche or a new idea to share.
Enter your name and the keyword.
Get the final cheatsheet to give away or resell with or without PLR
Here's What You Get When You Purchase Our Product
This is the Windows software to create cheatsheets in a few seconds. It can run also on Mac computers with emulators, including Crossover that is very easy to use and doesn't require a Windows license. 
Our special bonus for a limited time is a special software we created for you which will help you to generate unlimited sales letters for all cheatsheets, in any niche you will create, by using our 1-Page Cheatsheet Generator.  No HTML knowledge required!
We're Offering You "The Official Cheatsheet Generator"
For a Fraction of What Is Actually Worth.
This software is a proven solution to easily create cheatsheets to sell and to build a list. It's a solid way to build passive income in a beautiful and creative way.

There are a lot of things available to you inside this software, including the step-by-step process and a wonderful template to follow to create cheatsheets in seconds.

If you need a 1 minute session to create a complete cheatsheet, how many will you create and sell? We would need to charge $497 for this same software, and many people would do that, but that's not our aim. We want to help you to build a new business from zero, and keep you running it for the next years to come.

This system is literally impossible to saturate, thanks to your incredible creativity and the thousands of topics, niches and ideas you can write about in your cheatsheet. You are just jumping on a secret goldmine.
We Ask You To Try The Software, And We Bet You Will
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This Is The Unique, Official Cheatsheet Generator
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If you are not happy with your purchase, please send me an email clicking the link below,
and I will refund your purchase in max 48 hours. Thanks.

If you need help, please contact me through my email address.
Thanks so much and see you on the inside!
     Alessandro Zamboni                     Dirk Wagner
P.S. If you close this page now, the next time you will open it you will find a bigger price. It’s your choice!

P.P.S. No one else can create a software like this with our knowledge. I personally know cheatsheets like no other, trust us and our software! Come back and hit the buy button!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does This Work On Mac And Windows PC?

Important: This Software is for Microsoft Windows (Vista, 7, 8, or Win 10). It can be run on an Apple Mac by using CrossOver (that also has a free demo) or another suitable "Virtual Machine" application. However we are unable to fully support the use of the product on Mac computers.

Q2. I'm Getting a Virus Warning on Windows. Why is That?

Your anti-virus program may not recognize the software and give you a virus warning. If so, it is a FALSE-POSITIVE, which is NO threat to your computer. The software contains a build-in functionality to "call-home" to verify the software registration. The anti-virus program may be set to be suspicious of any new executable program it doesn't recognize.

You can add this software to your exception list (allowed programs/whitelist) of your anti-virus program for sure. I assure you that we are not going to ruin our reputation and our business by selling programs with malicious code :-)

You are absolutely SAFE. GUARANTEED!

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