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A Set Of 600 Powerful MidJourney And ChatGPT Prompts To Create Outstanding Children Stories.

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Hello and Welcome to the Official JV Page of
We are thrilled to introduce our latest launch - a collection of 600 enchanting children's story prompts for ChatGPT and MidJourney, a fantastic collection to create full stories for kids with wonderful images. So this prompts pack is composed by:

ChatGPT Series: 300 prompts that dive into captivating tales, sparking imagination and nurturing creativity in young minds.
MidJourney Series: 300 prompts that take readers on a whimsical journey, offering both entertainment and valuable life lessons.

Why Promote This Launch?

Each story prompt has been created to capture a child's attention while also instilling moral values. The stories are not just about words; they come alive with beautiful illustrations that capture the essence of each tale.

The stories cater to children of various age groups, ensuring that every reader finds something they love, and right for their age.

Affiliate Benefits:

Generous Commissions: Earn a whopping 50% commission on all funnel sales!
High Conversion Rates: Our previous launches have seen outstanding conversion rates, and we are confident this new format will be no different.
Ready-Made Promotional Materials: We provide you with images, email swipe files, and other promotional materials to make your job easier.

We have a great funnel to go, including:

OTO1, a collection of 1,800 ChatGPT+MidJourney prompts for children's stories based on same front-end genres. It sells for $27 at a 50% commission. 

OTO2, a collection of 5,156 MidJourney prompts on different genres, to create more amazing stories to publish. It sells for $67 at a 50% commission.

OTO3 is a collectiong of old prompts, sold for $47. You get a 50% commission.

Plus, by partnering with us, you will become a part of a dedicated and passionate team that values your support and is committed to helping you succeed by promoting your offers. We're here to provide any assistance you or your customers may need.

We hope to count you in!

To your success,
Alessandro Zamboni and Paulo Gro

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SWIPE FILE 1 (Launch Day)

Children's Story Prompts Empire is Live!
Children's Story Prompts?


Hello and welcome.

Do you remember the magic of bedtime stories? Those stories full of adventure, mystery, and wonder that brought us away to far-off lands, where anything was possible? Those moments when imagination soared, and reality faded into the background?

Well, it's time to recapture that magic and share it with a new generation of kids.

I've recently stumbled upon something incredible. A tool so powerful, it's like holding the keys to a hidden treasure chest of children's story inspiration. And the best part? It's now within YOUR reach.


==> Children's Story Prompts Empire

Crafted with care by the dynamic duo Alessandro Zamboni and Paulo Gro, this is the most comprehensive collection of story prompts designed to unleash your creativity and transport young readers into enchanting worlds, filled with wonder, lessons, and heart.

Why is this a game-changer for aspiring authors?

1) 600 Unique Prompts

That's right. With 300 prompts tailored for the storytelling with ChatGPT and another 300 designed for the visual artistry of MidJourney, your stories will burst into life, capturing the hearts of young and old alike.

2) Save Time and Energy

No more hours of brainstorming or writer's block. Move straight into crafting tales of adventure, friendship, and discovery, full of practical and relevant lessons for kids.

3) Endless Possibilities

Each prompt can be spun into multiple tales. Just a tweak here and there, and voilà, a new story is born!

4) Stay Ahead of the Curve

In a saturated market, having a treasure trove of ideas sets you apart, giving you a competitive edge.

==> Children's Story Prompts Empire

But who is Alessandro Zamboni, the mastermind behind this ingenious collection? A resilient internet marketer, he turned adversity into opportunity. With over a decade of experience and 7-figure success, Alessandro's journey is a testament to his dedication, innovation, and passion.

And now, he's handing you the blueprint to success.

Remember, opportunities like this don't last forever. Seize the chance to elevate your storytelling journey and leave an incredible mark on young readers' hearts.

Don't let this slip through your fingers. Dive into a world of boundless imagination, where every prompt is a doorway to a new adventure.

Remember, in the world of children's stories, the only limit is how far your imagination can travel.

==> Children's Story Prompts Empire

To your storytelling success,

P.S. The early bird catches the worm! Those who act quickly not only benefit from our exclusive discount but also gain a significant advantage over competitors. Don't be left behind!

P.P.S. Not sure if this is for you? Consider this - every story you craft has the power to shape a young mind, inspire dreams, and create lasting memories. Isn't that a legacy worth pursuing?

SWIPE FILE 2 (Day 2)

The Vault of Infinite Children's Story Prompts!
Creating Stories For Kids With No Stress? 


Hello and welcome.

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a renowned children's book author? Crafting tales that resonate, inspire, and make young eyes light up with wonder? But then reality hits - the long hours, the writer's block, the agonizing wait to see your vision come to life.

What if I told you that the publishing game has changed? And YOU can be at the forefront of this revolution.

Imagine, for a moment, the ability to transform your ideas into beautifully illustrated children's stories... in mere minutes.

Sounds too good to be true? Let me pull back the curtain on something that's been my secret weapon: "Children's Story Prompts Empire."

==> Children's Story Prompts Empire

Here is the magic:

1) Instant Stories For You

Gone are the days of waiting for inspiration to strike or for publishers to recognize your genius. With 600 meticulously crafted prompts, 300 for ChatGPT and 300 for MidJourney, your next bestseller is just a few minutes away.

2) Never-Seen-Before Quality

Combine the narrative of ChatGPT with the visual marvels of MidJourney, and what do you get? A children's story that's both captivating and visually stunning.

3) Endless Possibilities

With the big volume of prompts at your disposal, you can generate story after story, each unique and mesmerizing.

Now, I have been in the business long enough to recognize a game-changer when I see one. And let me tell you, this is not just a tool - it's a revolution.

Why stay stuck in the past when the future is knocking on your door?

For you, Alessandro Zamboni and Paulo Gro are rolling out a limited-time offer. An opportunity to jump ahead and make your mark in the children's publishing arena.

If you've ever felt that burning desire to tell stories, to shape young minds, and to leave behind a legacy of joy, imagination, and wonder, then this is your sign. The future is here, and it waits for no one.

==> Children's Story Prompts Empire

To a future where your stories shine,

P.S. Remember, in this fast-paced world, speed is of the essence. The ability to create and publish in minutes is not just an advantage; it's a necessity. Don't get left behind.

P.P.S. Every minute you hesitate, someone else is capturing the imagination of young readers. Claim your place in the annals of children's literature. Join now, and let's make magic together!

SWIPE FILE 3 (Day 3)

Infinite Children's Stories?
The Future of Children's Publishing


Hello and welcome!

Today, I wanted to share something truly magical with you, a blend of words and visuals that I believe has the power to change how we tell stories.

Have you ever felt the blank page trap? No ideas on what to write? Now, imagine that, with the power of ChatGPT's storytelling prowess and MidJourney's enchanting visuals, you can generate children's stories anytime you want, day and night.

With "Children's Story Prompts Empire," this dream is now a reality.

==> Children's Story Prompts Empire

Here's the beauty of it:

1) A Symphony Of Words And Images

Every story unfolds with a rhythm, a dance between the narrative and its accompanying visuals. With our prompts, every tale is a masterpiece waiting to be discovered. With 300 ChatGPT prompts, and 300 MidJourney ones.

2) Fueling Imagination

The prompts don't just provide a starting point; they give you a spark of creativity, guiding you to craft tales that resonate, inspire, and captivate children and parents at the same time.

3) A Totally New Experience

The integration of ChatGPT and MidJourney is a totally new experience, almost as if they were made for each other. The result? Stories that are not just told, but experienced through images.

Creating stories with images using those 600 prompts is not just about putting words on paper or visuals on a screen; it's about capturing the essence of emotions, adventures, and dreams, and sharing them with the world.

I genuinely believe that with this  prompts package, we are on the precipice of a storytelling renaissance. A time when stories are not just read, but felt.

Don't think too much. Jump in, explore, and let your imagination soar. The world of ChatGPT and MidJourney, powered by huge prompts, is waiting for you. But the starting price will go away in less than 48 hours...

==> Children's Story Prompts Empire

To the storyteller in you,

SWIPE FILE 4 (Day 4)

600 Children's Story Prompts For You!
Start Creating Children's Books The Automatic Way!


Hello and welcome!

As only 24 hours separate you from a higher price, I wanted to take a moment to highlight something transformative, something that I believe can revolutionize the way you craft children's stories.

The "Children's Story Prompts Empire" is not just a prompts collection; it's an experience, a tool, and a guide, all rolled into one. If you are on the fence about it, let's see the undeniable advantages of this pack:

+ Infinite Inspiration: With 600 prompts at your fingertips, you are never without a fresh idea. Wave goodbye to writer's block and embrace a never-ending stream of creativity.

+ Time-Saver: No more hours spent brainstorming or seeking inspiration. Jump straight into crafting, and watch your stories take shape in record time.

+ Quality and Consistency: Each prompt has been meticulously designed to ensure you are always delivering engaging, age-appropriate, and memorable tales.

+ A Lot of Stories: From adventures to lessons about good habits, the pack covers a wide range of themes, ensuring you always have something for everyone.

+ Integration with ChatGPT & MidJourney: Use the narrative power of ChatGPT and the visual brilliance of MidJourney. The prompts are tailored to maximize the potential of both platforms so that you get illustrated stories in max 5 minutes.

+ Stay Ahead Of The Curve: In the ever-competitive world of children's literature, this pack gives you an edge, ensuring you are always one step ahead with fresh, innovative content.

+ Monetization Opportunities: Whether you are looking to publish on platforms like Kindle, sell audio story packages, or even start your own storytelling YouTube channel, the possibilities are endless with those prompts.

+ Cost-Effective: Consider the hours you'd spend brainstorming or the costs of hiring creative consultants. This pack offers unparalleled value, providing a treasure trove of ideas at a fraction of the cost.

The world of children's storytelling is vast, filled with wonder, lessons, and imagination. With "Children's Story Prompts Empire," you are not just buying prompts; you are investing in a tool that unlocks the limitless potential of this world.

So, as we are near the end, I urge you to take this step, to embrace the future of storytelling, and to leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of young readers.

==> Children's Story Prompts Empire

To the storyteller in you,

SWIPE FILE 5 (Day 5)

Last Chance: Price Skyrocketing in Just a Few Hours!
Why Do You Want To Pay More?


Hello and welcome.
This is it. We are down to the wire, and the clock is ticking faster than ever. It's your absolute last chance to secure your copy of "Children's Story Prompts Empire" before the price shoots up to the stratosphere.

I've been shouting from the rooftops about Alessandro Zamboni and Paulo Gro's game-changing prompts pack to create infinite stories for kids with wonderful images, but now it's down to the final few hours, and I don't want you to miss out on this incredible opportunity.

Here's a quick recap of what this brilliant prompts pack can do for you:

+ For the first time ever, you get 300 ChatGPT prompts, and 300 MidJourney prompts to create children stories. ChatGPT will give you way more MidJourney prompts with the story to allow you to have enough images, and the text for it.

+ One-click copy & paste with ChatGPT and MidJourney to streamline your children's story creation process and catapult your business to new heights.

+ Save precious time and energy, allowing you to focus on what really matters: creating spectacular books, audiobooks, blog articles or videos that your customers will love.

===> Children's Story Prompts Empire

But wait, there's more!

For a very limited time, you will also receive a jaw-dropping bonuses, a series of secret prompts to create Halloween scary stories for kids.

However, time is running out. In just a few hours, the price of "Children's Story Prompts Empire" will skyrocket to $27, and you will be left kicking yourself for missing out on this groundbreaking system.

So, if you are ready to create stunning stories for kids and secure your spot at the top, click the link below NOW to lock in your access at the current, unbeatable price.

==> Children's Story Prompts Empire

To your success,

P.S. Let me tell you, these 600 expertly-crafted prompts are truly a goldmine of value for anyone serious about their coloring books business. It's the first time we give you a turnkey solution to create illustrated stories for kids.

P.P.S Imagine the endless possibilities and the massive competitive advantage you will have with these prompts at your disposal. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your children's story publishing game and leave your competition in the dust. Grab your copy now before it's too late!

==> Coloring Book Prompts Empire


Remember the enchantment of bedtime stories? The tales that took us on grand adventures, taught us valuable lessons, and fueled our dreams?

What if YOU could be the creator of such tales? And what if I told you that crafting these magical stories could be as easy as a child's play?


Introducing... "Children's Story Prompts Empire!"

A treasure trove of 600 meticulously crafted prompts, designed to guide you through the realms of storytelling and enchanting visuals.

Craft children's stories that resonate. Illustrate stories that captivate. All in record time.


Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to endless inspiration.

Publish your masterpieces, start a storytelling channel, blog about your tales, or even collaborate with schools. The possibilities are limitless!

This is an exclusive offer that's too good to miss! But you only have a few days before the price goes up.


Jump on the most magical storytelling journey. With "Children's Story Prompts Empire," every story you craft will be one for the ages.


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