Learn How To Use MidJourney To Create Professional Coloring Books!

Create Professional Coloring Books For Kids
And Adults In Minutes With Our Collection Of
Copy-And-Paste 850 MidJourney Prompts 

Example Image For Kids Done
With One Of Our Prompts.

Example Image For Adults Done
With One Of Our Prompts.

From Princesses To Animals, And From Ancient Ruins To Gnomes,
Everything You Need Is Included For You Inside This 850 Prompts Collection.

You Will Be Given Access To a Video Training Showing You How Easy
And Fun It Is To Create Wonderful Coloring Book Images
By Copying And Pasting Those Prompts Into MidJourney,
Or Also Free Websites Like Leonardo.AI And Many More.

From: The desk of Alessandro Zamboni and Paulo Gro

Dear Friend,

Welcome to our specially curated collection of 850 prompts to inspire and streamline your coloring book creation process! This unique set results from extensive research, creativity, and understanding of both child and adult audiences, ensuring each prompt is tailored to captivate its intended age group.

Discovering a World Of Imagination For Children

Dive into 400 whimsical prompts perfect for the young (and young at heart!). These prompts are crafted considering children's playful, imaginative, and adventurous spirit. With themes ranging from magical realms to everyday adventures, every page will be an exciting journey through a lot of characters and places for tiny hands to color.

Elegant and Intricate Designs for Adults

For adult coloring books enthusiasts, we present 450 sophisticated prompts that challenge and provide a therapeutic canvas. In today's fast-paced world, coloring has emerged as a tranquil escape. Our prompts cater to diverse tastes, ensuring every adult finds a coloring book that resonates, offering an opportunity to unwind, rediscover creativity, and maybe find a moment of zen.

Why Choose This Collection?

Time is of the essence, and we understand the significance of efficiency blended with quality. Instead of spending countless hours brainstorming, with our collection, you are presented with a rich set of ideas at your fingertips. These prompts are designed to save your time during the design phase, offer a vast range of ideas ensuring diverse book subjects are available, and inspire designs that cater to market demands, enhancing sales potential.

In a world bursting with coloring books, stand out with designs that are delightful and deeply resonant. Let our prompts guide you to coloring book masterpieces that children and adults will treasure for years to come.

Stressed Out Parents Buy Coloring Books For Their Children,
To Keep Them Quiet, And For Themselves To Find
a Moment Of Real Relax And Happiness.

Look At Those Examples Created With Our Prompts:

Feel Free To Click Them With Right Mouse Button, And Select "Open In a New Window" To See Them Bigger.

For Adult's Coloring Books:

For Children's Coloring Books:

I Got These Examples Using 12 Prompts On The Available 850!

So In 10 Minutes You Can Have Enough Images
To Start Selling Them In Books, Or In PLR Packages.

Now Introducing "Coloring Book Prompts Empire"!

An Unmissable Asset For Coloring Book Creators.

In the world of coloring books, having a unique edge is paramount. Our collection of 850 prompts is that unparalleled advantage. Tailored for both children and adults, this product eliminates guesswork, ensuring you always have a fresh ideas for your books, or for creating stunning coloring packages to resell with PLR Rights.

Whether you are a seasoned artist seeking inspiration or a newcomer aiming for a strong start, this treasure trove of prompts offers a lot of worlds, animals, and characters to choose. If you aspire to craft coloring books that resonate and captivate, making this collection a part of your toolkit is not just recommended—it's unmissable.

Just How Fast Can You Start Making Money With This? 

It will take 10 minutes daily to select a few random MidJourney prompts from our spreadsheet and run them to get brand-new coloring book images.

And if you take away 30 minutes, you can create an outstanding book with 30 or 40 images to sell like pros.

Imagine selling a package of coloring images on Etsy, a PLR pack of images on WarriorPlus or to your list, or simply coloring books on Amazon.

You can insert any prompt we provide 10,000 times, and it will always give you different images. That's the power of MidJourney.

You can focus on one type of coloring book, for example, fairy villages, or mix them to create something different.

Or you can add your creativity to obtain beautiful images no one ever created, simply adding or removing characteristics from those 850 brilliant prompts.

You Can Save a Lot Of Time, And Create Exactly
The Coloring Book Images People Are Looking For.
That's The Power Of Our 850 Prompts.

This Is The Best Collection You Have Ever Seen
To Create Brilliant Coloring Images,
And Faster Than Your Competitors.

And You Can Also Change The Details You Like On Every Prompt
To Create a Lot Of Different Images Based On Your Taste!

You Can Turn Yourself Into a Coloring Books Artist
Without Having To Study Design Or Drawing.

With Those 850 Prompts You Can Create...

40 Characters For Kids
In 10 Ways Each.

36 Fantasy Places With 
Or Without Characters

  • Princesses
  • Pirates
  • Sailors
  • ​Wizards
  • Fairies
  • ​Astronauts
  • Robots
  • ​Santa Claus and Elves
  • ​And Other 32 Characters!
  • Enchanted Forests
  • Fairy Kingdoms
  • ​Floating Islands
  • ​Mystical Gardens
  • ​Crystal Mountains
  • Underground Cities
  • Jewel Jungles
  • ​Gnome Villages
  • ​And Other 27 Fantastic Places!

This Is Crazy For The Value You May Get.
Each Prompt Can Give You Different Images Anytime.

Who Am I?

My name is Alessandro Zamboni, I’m from Italy, and I’ve been an “in the trenches” internet marketer since 2008.

I’ve created a sold many different products and courses in a wide array of niches. And I’ve had success to the point where I reached over 7 figures from my efforts.

But it wasn’t always like this… As a young man, I had some serious medical issues culminating in a benign tumor being removed from my head surgically. I’ve pretty much never been the same since and I’m still recovering from those surgeries.

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And here I am all these years later still fighting, still recovering, and still helping people get fabulous results in their lives from internet marketing.

Let's Talk About The Power Of Those Prompts!
This brand-new MidJourney prompts collection provides a myriad of benefits. Here are just a few:
  • Never-Ending Range of Ideas: With 850 distinct prompts, you will never run out of inspiration, ensuring a variety of themes and concepts for always have new coloring books to publish.
  • Tailored Content: The differentiation between children's and adult's prompts ensures that images are age-appropriate and resonate with your intended audience.
  • Time Efficiency: Eliminate the brainstorming phase and dive straight into creating your book or images collection. These prompts act as a springboard, making your creative process go fast as never before.
  • ​Boost Sales Potential: Offering a wide variety of designs increases the chances of catering to diverse market tastes, enhancing potential sales and audience reach.
  • Top Quality: A curated list ensures that each prompt has been thoughtfully chosen to inspire high-quality, engaging illustrations.
  • Encourages Consistency: With a ready set of prompts, creators can maintain a consistent output, crucial for brand establishment and audience retention.
  • Flexibility: Whether you are looking to create a thematic coloring book or a mixed collection, having a vast array of prompts offers the flexibility to create as per demand.
  • Expand Your Audience Base: Cater to a broader audience range - from kids seeking playful designs to adults looking for intricate patterns.
  • Stay Ahead of Competition: In a saturated market, having a lot of unique ideas can set you apart, giving you a competitive edge.
  • Enhance Creativity: While the prompts provide a starting point, they are broad enough to allow for personal interpretation, pushing you to innovate and put your unique spin on each design.
As You Can See, Those Prompts Are Powerful, And Will Give You An Outstanding Advantage Over Your Competitors!

Wait! There Are Some Amazing Bonuses For You
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High Priority Email Support

You will get priority access to my email to get extra support and help whenever you need them.

How To Create Images
From Prompts

Discover how to use those prompts like a pro in a real video where I show you how to create new images from zero. Discover also how to evaluate if a new design needs fixing, or it's ok to go.

How To Fix Broken AI Images

Sometimes MidJourney creates so beautiful images, but with one or more things to fix. It's a shame to let them go, so I will show you how to adjust them in seconds, or max in a few minutes to be able to use them in all your projects.

So Are You Ready To Change The Way
You Publish Coloring Books, Making It Way Easier?

You can imagine the work behind this collection of 850 prompts. It is creating them, testing them, and removing the ones that didn't deliver outstanding results to offer you only the best collection. That's what Paulo does every time we create new prompts for you.

If ChatGPT takes any prompt, MidJourney is way more picky. Your prompt must be perfect to work the way you dream. And we removed the stress from the equation, giving you access to a beautiful collection of prompts that can generate brilliant black and white images for you and your customers.

So All You Need To Get Your Hands On
"850 Coloring Books MidJourney Prompts"
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And don’t worry, you get to enjoy those top quality prompts completely risk-free…

Your investment today is protected by our…
Iron Clad 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that when you get your hands on "Coloring Books Prompts Empire" you are going to be able to start earning money selling whatever you create with them, or using it for yourself.

So much so that we are willing to make this a completely risk-free investment.

Simply secure your access today and if at any time during the next 14 days you aren’t completely thrilled about the never-seen-before prompts you get…

I want you to contact us and we will immediately issue a "prompt" refund for 100% of the purchase price to you, no questions asked! The refund will take max 48 hours, generally much less. Do not open Paypal disputes, or you will lose them.
With a guarantee and a price like this, we have done everything we can to get this amazing prompt set into your hands!

Don't Miss Out On This Golden Opportunity To Finally
Publish Professional Coloring Books, Or Sell The
Images In PLR Packages Or Etsy Collections.

With "Coloring Books Prompts Empire," You Will Have
An Endless Supply Of Inspiration And Ideas,
Setting You Up For Long-Lasting Success!

Simply click the order button below and you will be taken directly to the order form where you can enter your payment information and check out.
Once you’ve completed checkout you will be given instant digital access to the spreadsheet including the 850 prompts to copy and paste, and the top quality bonuses I created for you.

But please DO NOT hesitate on this… we cannot guarantee that the price will remain at this level for much longer.

Also, do you really want to jump back into the usual stress and struggles when creating images no one will ever desire?

Here’s your chance to enter into a proven industry with an excellent little-known strategy that gives YOU an advantage over everyone else who is still creating coloring books the old way.

Act fast and you can send your income to the moon!

Which Rights Do You Have On The Images You Create?

Our prompts are not to be sold but you have all the rights on the images you create.
You can sell them, give them away for free, use them in any way you like.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing your MidJourney success story!

Alessandro Zamboni
Paulo Gro
P.S. Don't forget, the current price for the coloring book prompts collection is only locked in for a few days! This invaluable resource is within your reach, but if you wait too long, it might just slip away.

P.P.S. Remember, art waits for no one and neither do great deals. The clock is ticking on this special pricing. Don't miss the opportunity to transform your coloring books at an unbeatable price. Act now before it's too late!

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