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  • ​With insights into the top 21 niches, you can confidently select profitable areas to focus on, ensuring your escape room creations resonate with a large audience.
  • ​With 16 game ideas provided, you have a multitude of options to keep your content fresh, diverse, and appealing to different customer segments.
  • ​By learning to create games tailored for both adults and kids, you can tap into a wider market and cater to various age groups, thus expanding your customer base.
  • ​With guidance on free software tools, you can minimize your overhead costs while producing high-quality escape rooms.
  • Gain access to industry secrets that can give you a competitive edge in the market, setting your escape rooms apart from the rest.
  • ​Even if you're a novice, this course empowers you with the skills to start crafting escape rooms like a pro.
  • ​The step-by-step videos provide a direct path to success, reducing the trial-and-error phase and accelerating your journey to becoming a successful escape room creator.
  • ​In short, you can turn yourself into your own boss, managing your time in a better way.

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From: The desk of Alessandro Zamboni

Dear Etsy Sellers and Future Etsy Sellers,

Ever wondered how to connect your creative spark with lucrative ventures? Today you can jump into the enchanting world of printable escape rooms with my exclusive course, "Escape Rooms Empire"! This step-by-step video course offers a golden key to designing dazzling escape rooms that aren’t just puzzles to solve but also hidden treasures on Etsy, waiting to be discovered and bought by customers!

Whether you are a creative enthusiast or an aspiring entrepreneur, this course equips you with the skills, knowledge, and insider secrets to transform your passion into a profitable venture. Enter a world where every lock opened and every puzzle solved translates to delighted customers and sales.

Etsy Has Only a Few Competing Sellers For
Printable Escape Rooms, And They Are Selling Like Crazy.

What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is a themed, interactive game where players are challenged to solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategy to complete the objectives at hand. Typically, players are given a set time limit (like one hour) to discover the secret plot hidden within the game. Escape rooms are popular as team-building activities and recreational outings, as they emphasize critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.

What Is a Printable Escape Room?

A printable escape room brings the same engaging experience to the comfort of your home. Unlike traditional escape rooms that are located in physical spaces, printable escape rooms are downloadable and can be printed out, allowing players to enjoy the game wherever they prefer, and how many times they like.

Creating Real Escape Rooms With People
Is Costly, Stressful, And Dangerous.

  • You Need a Lot Of Money: Operating a physical escape room involves significant overhead costs, including rent, utilities, maintenance, and staff salaries. These ongoing expenses can be a substantial financial burden, especially during periods of low customer turnout.
  • Limited Scalability: The physical nature of classic escape rooms means that they can only accommodate a limited number of participants at a given time, constraining the earning potential and making scalability challenging. 
  • Immobility And Accessibility: Classic escape rooms are fixed in location, requiring customers to travel to the venue. This limits the accessibility for those unable or unwilling to travel and reduces the potential customer base to predominantly local audiences.
  • Setup And Reset Times: Physical escape rooms often require extensive setups and regular resetting between sessions, consuming time and labor and potentially leading to longer waiting times and reduced customer satisfaction.
  • No Re-Playability: Once customers have experienced a specific escape room, they are unlikely to return to the same room, necessitating continuous innovation, updates, and new room designs to retain customer interest and repeat business.
  • You Need Insurance: allowing people to enter your escape room is dangerous, as they can slip on floor, and ask you for money.
  • And much, much more...

Luckily, The Idea Of Printable Escape Rooms Is Much Better, And You Can Take a Full Advantage From It.


Would You Be Interested If I Tell You Actually
Only a Few Sellers Are Taking Advantage Of This
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In a world always trying to chase innovation, "Escape Rooms Empire" emerges as a hot new trend, marking the convergence of creativity, entertainment, and commerce. It shows you a new idea that is not just about experiencing the thrill of escape rooms but about making the creation process easy as you never seen before. In the era of digital revolution and experiential learning, this course is a frontrunner, allowing users to craft engaging, intriguing, and sellable escape room experiences that resonate with the evolving consumers.

"Escape Rooms Empire" is a trendsetter for several reasons. Firstly, it unlocks a domain previously reserved for the tech-savvy and the creative elite. It empowers anyone with a flair for creativity to design printable escape rooms, a commodity seeing an unprecedented surge in demand on platforms like Etsy. By simplifying the process and providing step-by-step guidance, the course ensures that users are not lost along the way, making it an accessible venture for all.

Additionally, in a marketplace saturated with conventional products, printable escape rooms represent a breath of fresh air. They cater to the growing consumer appetite for unique, immersive experiences over tangible goods. This course teaches users how to create products that are not only entertaining but also desired by customers. It provides insights into niche selection, game diversity, and tailoring creations, ensuring that the products resonate with a wide array of consumers, from children to adults.

This is not just a course; it’s a ticket to the future of entertainment, a future where experiences are as valuable as goods, where creativity is currency, and where the thrill of escape is just a print away. 

I Won't Only Show You 16 Games To Insert.
I Will Give You a List Of 21 Top Niches,
And I Will Create a Game With You.

Now Introducing "Escape Rooms Empire"!

What you will learn in this course differs from what you have seen before, and I assure you that you will be one of the first people to get in on this trend correctly, creating fabulous printable escape rooms.

Many people do this business wrong by putting in their games impossible-to-solve quests. This method angers people because games like them are impossible to solve in one hour, so they get bad reviews.

Every person buying a printable escape room wants to spend an hour with friends without solving impossible puzzles. My objective in this course is to show you 16 games loved by people that can be easy or difficult, as you decide, but solvable.

You will need 30 minutes to create a full ten-pages escape room game. Imagine how many you can do, knowing I also give you a list of 21 hot niches with many more sub-topics. You can get started minutes after you get into the course.

What You Can Expect To Create With Escape Rooms Empire?

(This Is The Printable Escape Room We Create In The Course.)

You Will Learn The Ingredients Of An Excellent Printable Escape Room, And I Will Also
Show You How To Create a Stunning Game
From Start To End.

This Is The Best Course To Enter
The Escape Rooms World Like a Pro.
Let Your New Games Explode In Popularity!

This is the definitive course where creativity meets selling, discovering a world of possibilities in the realm of printable escape rooms. This incredible course is meticulously designed to transform you into a maestro of escape room creation and marketing, regardless of your starting point.

16 Different Games

Dive deep into the creation of a spectrum of games—word games, text games, numbers games, riddles, and images. A total of 16 top quality games you can create for free. Master the art and science behind each game type, learning how to craft games that intrigue, challenge, and make people happy.

Niche Mastery

Navigate through 21 profitable niches and explore countless sub-niches. Understand the dynamics of each niche, enabling you to tailor your creations to diverse markets and customer preferences, ensuring your escape rooms resonate with a broad audience.

Crafting the Master Guide

Discover the secrets behind creating the game’s master guide, the backbone of any escape room. Learn how to compile a comprehensive, user-friendly guide that ensures seamless game flow and enhances the overall player experience.

Escape Rooms for Kids

Specialize yourself in crafting escape rooms specifically designed for kids. Understand the unique requirements and preferences of the younger audience, from 6 to 12 years, allowing you to create engaging, age-appropriate experiences that captivate and educate.

Etsy Publishing Mastery

Find out the potential of Etsy as a selling platform. Learn how to present your escape rooms effectively, with insights on creating compelling listing images, crafting persuasive descriptions, and optimizing with the right keywords. Gain the knowledge to stand out in the crowded marketplace and attract eager buyers.

An Incredible Learning Experience

"Escape Room Empire" is more than just a course; it’s an immersive journey into the world of printable escape rooms, blending creativity, strategy, and market acumen. It empowers you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to create and sell captivating escape rooms, opening doors to never-before-seen financial opportunities.

Over 5 Hours Of Videos For You,
To Discover Incredible Things
About a Niche You And
Your Customers Will Love.

Who Am I?

My name is Alessandro Zamboni, I’m from Italy, and I’ve been an “in the trenches” internet marketer since 2008.

I’ve created a sold many different products and courses in a wide array of niches. And I’ve had success to the point where I reached over 7 figures from my efforts.

But it wasn’t always like this… As a young man, I had some serious medical issues culminating in a benign tumor being removed from my head surgically. I’ve pretty much never been the same since and I’m still recovering from those surgeries.

I became disabled and unable to work a traditional job due to my health issues.
So I had no choice but to seek out alternative methods of making money to support myself and my family. I struggled for years before anything clicked but once I tasted success I ran with it.

And here I am all these years later still fighting, still recovering, and still helping people get fabulous results in their lives from Etsy.

Here Is All That You Will Find Inside
"Escape Rooms Empire"
This business model is pretty easy to follow, with no stress and hard work.

This is a complete video course, that will take you by the hand and guide you through the steps to create brilliant printable escape rooms that sell.

Inside these videos you are going to:
  •  Discover what is a printable escape room.
  •  Follow along as I show you how to create 7 word games.
  •  Discover how to create stunning riddles to keep your players engaged.
  • ​ Create outstanding images with a 100% free AI tool to create puzzles and more.
  • ​ Find out how to create 3 numbers games to defeat your players.
  • ​ Learn how to create 3 stunning text games with different alphabets.
  • ​ Create with me a brilliant game for kids.
  • ​ See how to create a perfect guide for the game's master.
  • ​ How to sell your printable escape room with a perfect listing.
  • ​ Uncover the most hidden secrets on one of the top paying niches on Etsy.
  • ​ Find how to make every customer come back for more.
  • ​ And much, much more in 5 hours of training!
As you can see this course has it all, and you will be able to quickly and easily begin to use it to turn it into easy profits for you and your escape rooms.

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It is not just another course; it’s a comprehensive creative and entrepreneurial journey designed for those who dare to dream and are ready to achieve! It’s a treasure trove of knowledge, strategies, and insights that sets you on the path to success in the fascinating world of printable escape rooms.

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Don't miss out on being part of this hot new market. Escape rooms are only growing in popularity, and printable versions allow you to get your slice of the pie without expensive overheads.

Join now and you will get the inside scoop on the most popular and profitable niches, top tips on game design, recommendations on free software, and so much more.

With this brilliant course, your empire starts today. Don't let this opportunity escape!

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Thanks and I look forward to hearing your success stories!

Alessandro Zamboni
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