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From the Office of:
Fellow Entrepreneurs & Opportunity Seekers,
This is the story of how I turned
$6 into $935.95 in just 60 days…
with no traffic at all.
First, imagine being able to run your own online store, from the comfort of your home computer (or laptop while traveling of course)...

I’m talking about waking up in the morning, checking some stats, answering some emails, posting on social media…

...while your store is making sales and YOU are making a profit.

That’s what it’s like when you have a successful online store and believe it or not: it’s a lot easier than you think!

How easy?

If you can use the Internet, browse web pages and type (not fast):

You can do this.

What exactly is “this”?

There’s a very popular marketplace online called Etsy.

People buy and sell things on Etsy -- usually handcrafted-type items -- but all sorts of stuff, from jewelry to pet supplies…
I will show you a unique way to make easy money on Etsy, without having to create any products yourself
and without buying anything upfront…
It’s really simple. And FUN!
You'll Discover:
- My SECRET METHOD for getting easy sales (how I turned $6 into $837.20)…

- How to get up and running on Etsy easy & fast…

- How to find and select HOT products…

- How to “drop-ship” your items…

- The hottest eCommerce niches of 2018…
- How to get UNLIMITED ideas (awesome resource)… 

- How to advertise your store and products...

- How to set up coupons and sales…

- How to target specific FB groups for FREE traffic…

- How to Manage your orders…
- How to Choose YOUR niche between the hottest…

- Opening your store…

- How to Evolve…

- How to Grow Your Earnings with the time...

- And much, much more…

The Etsy Platform + My Secret Method = $$$$$
It’s not just Etsy.

It’s not just my method.

It’s the perfect combination of the two that makes this method work so well.

And trust me when I say this…

It’s NOT me. I don’t have any special superpowers so before you go thinking “Alessandro can do this because he’s experienced…” let me tell you that it’s so simple - ANYONE can do it - even a complete newbie.

I literally stumbled upon this method and was able to make $837.20 after spending just $6 on ads!

You might say… “So what? You got lucky…”


The best part about this method is that it’s REPEATABLE.

My store is still growing and making sales and I’m building my Etsy Empire.

Bottom line: If you follow my method → you will see results.
Just How Easy is this Method?
Super easy. Check out how easy it actually is:
    No big budget needed

    No website, no list required

    You only need an internet connection

    Zero experience required
    No selling, no marketing needed

    No list building, no complicated funnels

    No products, no affiliate marketing

    No headaches at all
    Our Testimonials
    Boudewijn Lutgerink
    Have you ever been thinking about opening an Etsy store?  You can easily open your own web-store and start selling. 
    Yep, there is always that infamous "however"...  you need to know some tricks and traps for the most optimal use of Etsy. And this is where Alessandro Zamboni comes to the rescue. 
    He figured out all these tricks and traps and made a complete manual for your convenience.  Not just what to keep in mind when you start your etsy but also where to get the best products to sell in your web shop. 
    And there's more.  In one of the bonus products you find 15 strong eCommerce trends. 
    And if you get the taste of it then maybe you also want to open a Shopify shop.  Creating multiple income streams through internet shops. 
    So if you like to make some money online without too much effort then this is exactly what you have been looking for.  Go get it and start selling your products!
    About Alessandro (speaking from my own experience)
    Alessandro is one of the good guys of internet marketing.  His products stand for quality, more quality and then some top-notch quality. He has won many "Deals of the Day" on Warrior+, and that is BECAUSE of the high quality of his products. 
    Don't waste you time, go get the "Etsy Empire" product now, ACT and start making money!
    Alex Albert
    Finally! A Power Guide that keeps things simple!

     I had been looking everywhere for something that would work as well as Etsy Empire does. The difference it has made and the results I've gotten are so impressive, I just had to take a moment to write and tell you about them.

     I've never seen a Power Guide work as well, and as quickly as Etsy Empire does - and you can quote me on that!
    Jirin Vacl
    In my opinion, Etsy Empire it’s a cool step by step system on how to monetize Etsy shop. Etsy is an e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items.

    I think, that Saul’s and Alessandro’s guide is made clearly and it's useful, including their specific strategies. I can also appreciate, that for any question you have, you can contact Alessandro by email.

    Vanessa Diaz
    This Etsy Empire guide makes it easy to start your Etsy shop by providing you with specific strategies. It's a great step by step system that shows you how to choose your niche, set up your account, open your store, manage your orders, advertise your shop and you even get the E-commerce Trends Cheatsheet as a bonus!

    This is a must buy even if you're only considering exploring Etsy. It will get you up and running in no time.

    This is so newbie-friendly -- it doesn’t require virtually ANY of the things that other “money making methods” typically do. Anyone can do this…
    If you don’t like how this program works, or if you try it and don’t make money with it - you can get a full refund within 30 days.

    Therefore there’s absolutely ZERO RISK to you and a lot to gain (a new money making method that allows you to easily profit online).
    - THE GUIDE -

    All what you need to become a top Etsy seller in just a few days.

    All the contents you've seen on this
    sales page are inside this eBook.
    - VOLUME 1 -

    Discover 15 new top trends for eCommerce stores, including Etsy.

    Choose your favorite niche, and start
    selling your items for profits!
    - VOLUME 2 -

    Discover 10 more top trends for your
    Etsy store.

    Choose your favorite niche between the 10,
    and start selling for profits!
    Ready to start profiting?
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    Nothing beats making cash while posting about things you are interested in and love, and while making new friends and being a part of a community.

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    P.S. This is a golden opportunity. Think twice before closing this page, because you are going to lose the possibility to grow a monthly income.

    P.P.S. Etsy is a solid marketplace, but there are some secrets you must know before starting, like the top niches to target, the way to build your store and your business. This is one of our best products ever.
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