Intelligent Software: Follow the New GDPR Rules
On Your Squeeze Pages!
After The Impact of GDPR We Wanted
To Give You A Software Capable Of
Generating GDPR-Friendly Squeeze Pages,
With All The Features You Need.
Watch the demo of ISPG:
No More Fear From Now On!
Why Was It Required To Create This Software? Read Below...
The General Data Protection Regulation entered into effect on May 25, 2018 giving users new rights in determining how their personal data is processed. In order to be compliant with these new European requirements, you will need to make some changes to your opt-in forms to provide more clarity to users on your site.
The GDPR Non-Compliant Way:
  • Passive opt-ins (in which the boxes are pre-checked and contacts must uncheck if they aren't interested in receiving emails) are forbidden.
The GDPR Compliant Way:
  •  Opt-ins (in which boxes are unchecked and contacts must select the corresponding email options to which they would like to subscribe) are the only valid method for acquiring consumer consent.
  •  Each checkbox email option should be accompanied by a clear explanation of the planned usage of personal data for which the contact is providing consent (receive our monthly newsletter, get targeted promotional offers every week etc.)
From the Office of:
Hello and welcome. 

We finally did it! We were so tired, anytime we created a new opt-in page, to find a spot to add a privacy policy, and enter that box to let the users confirm they will receive promotional emails and some content... So much time thrown away!

 ...but our biggest problem we have seen by the new GDPR law requirements is why should we distract all Non-EU country based visitors with additional features which could lead to a lower conversion rate?

We now have the solution to all of this. A simple software to create all your squeeze pages which include all the features, the new GDPR rules require, so you won't lose time and money anymore to get your pages following the rules.

...but our software goes one step further because it uses a special coding for your new squeeze pages resulting in splitting your traffic in EU and Non-EU visitors and each one of them will see a different version of your squeeze page.

There is no additional work required from you to create these two different versions of your squeeze pages, just fill out the blanks the software asks for and it will save the ready-made squeeze pages and all its required files to your hard drive which you then can upload to your server that you can start building your list the safe way!

Note: This software works for Windows systems only, while for Mac you will need an emulator like CrossOver, where you donít have to install Windows and you can run Win apps under Mac. 
Now Take A Deep Breath If You're Ready
To See Our List Of Powerful Features!
  • Compatible with all major browsers.
  •  Easy to use and 100% newbie friendly.
  •  Ideal for any niche on the planet.
  •  SEO optimized.
  •  You can add a video.
  •  All autoresponder systems supported.
  •  Unlimited customizable colors.
  •  Built to support unlimited languages.
  •  2 versions (EU & NON-EU) of your squeeze pages created at once.
  •  GDPR-friendly signup forms.
  •  Commercial license included! 
  •  Dummy content included.
  •  Dedicated support and assistance.
Redirect EU Visitors Somewhere Else.
We thought that there are maybe some people who don't want people from EU countries on their list (for whatever reason) but they still should be able to monetize this traffic. For this reason we added this feature that you can choose any URL you want EU visitors be redirected to. It can be your own product, an affiliate product, a clickbanking partner link or anything else you can imagine.
IMPORTANT: Non-EU visitors will still see your generated squeeze page! 
Needless To Say That The Generated Squeeze
Pages Will Run On All Devices.
Here Are A Few Squeeze Pages Examples
Generated Quickly Using Our Software...
Say goodbye to the hard to use squeeze page building tools and to the ugly, boring and mediocre designs!

In just five minutes you can design your own GDPR-ready squeeze page, and start promoting it with no risks or troubles, as you have everything you need to start. We use this tool to create our squeeze pages, and it works like a charm.
This is totally newbie friendly, and in a few clicks you can create state-of-the-art squeeze pages, ready to grow your list day-by-day.

This software is that powerful, containing several secret features, you've never seen before.  So you can stop thinking about GDPR problems, and relax, because this is without any doubt the best squeeze page generator on the planet. Lightweight, easy to run and fast. No tech, no codes to edit and no troubles at all. Our previous software released are our best guarantee.

You have the opportunity to design the squeeze pages you have always desired, and have them following the law to the letter, to avoid problems.

So you can stop paying for monthly high-ticket tools, and you can start creating squeeze pages for yourself, or for reselling them like a pro. Do you know how many people will pay you to get GDPR-ready squeeze pages? You can’t imagine!
Our Testimonial
Gabriele Giani
Excellent software Alessandro!!! I had big problems to create squeeze pages, but now I can create them on the run, in a few minutes!

"INTELLIGENT SQUEEZE PAGE GENERATOR" is simply an incredible tool that helps me to create an effective squeeze page, by following the GDPR rules and generating an email list rapidly. No stress, no hassles, easy to use and fast.

It is really elementary to choose the best format and content for my squeeze page and the success is guaranteed. With this incredible software I can drive traffic to my websites and increase profits fast and naturally.

For these reasons I recommend everyone to buy this product before it becomes a sold out!
What's Included With ISPG Today?
This is our new and never-seen-before software (Windows only) to generate squeeze pages in a few minutes, all stunning and GDPR-ready.

You get the chance to grab this with commercial rights (meaning you can even resell the squeeze pages you create.)

* You can use it on Mac with an emulator (I love using CrossOver from Codeweavers)
This bonus software is integrated into Intelligent Squeeze Page Generator but we created a stand-alone app as well that you can use this additional way of monetizing your traffic for any website you create, even the ones you created without using our software.

Redirection Monetizer allows you to create a nice looking website, which is fully customizable. It will be used for people who subscribed to your list, it shows a thank-you message for subscribing and asks your subscriber to stay a few seconds until they are automatically redirected to any website of your choice.

Of course you could create your web forms this way, that your affiliate links are used in your web forms and new subscribers see those affiliate offers instantly after subscribing but you can believe us that by using Redirection Monetizer it looks much more professional resulting in less people unsubscribing and more people taking action on the re-directed offer you will show them after being polite and thank them for subscribing to your list.

This software comes with commercial license which means you are allowed to create those special thank-you pages for client and sell them. Tip: Think about Fiverr Gigs. ;-)
We Give You The Huge Opportunity
To Become a Premium User Of Our
“Intelligent Squeeze Page Generator”.
It’s Now… Or Never.
Commercial License Included!
This Software Is Made For Windows.
If you have a Mac, you can use the 30-day trial of Crossover (that is cheap, anyway.)
This tool doesn't require to install Windows on a Mac and works like a charm.
Thanks a lot and see you on the inside!
P.S. Don't lose the chance to create your own GDPR-friendly landing pages in shortest time, splitting your website visitors automatically into EU and Non-EU visitors, showing each of them a different optimized version of your landing page by following the GDPR rules. 

P.P.S. Stop paying monthly or high-ticket prices for creating your own squeeze pages. We give you the keys for doing that on your own, professionally and from the comfort of your own computer. Don't miss out! Click the buy button!
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