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Sites Like Clickfunnels, LeadPages, And Others

Our Step-By-Step Software Works Online, And Creates The Most
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IntelliSqueeze Works On PC, Mac, Cell Phones And Tablets, Giving You The Chance To Create Your Pages Wherever You Are!
  • Create high-conversion squeeze pages about any topic.
  • Completely GDPR-friendly, you can also send EU visitors away from your opt-in page.
  • Easy to use, and newbie-proof.
  • You can create squeeze pages for yourself, for your business or as a freelancer.
  • No limits, no scams. You can create even a million squeeze pages, without having to buy our OTOs.
From The Desk Of:
Alessandro Zamboni
Dirk Wagner

We finally did it! We created incredible software that takes care of your squeeze page creation! Our easy-to-use software includes the most recent characteristics to be fully GDPR-compliant and make the best pages you have ever seen.

It works online. It's on our servers, so you don't have to install any file or get crazy to make it work like it generally happens with other software.

You enter a few information, and the software generates your excellent and converting squeeze page in seconds with your favorite autoresponder code. So no more compatibility issues if you use an autoresponder that is not MailChimp, Getresponse, or Aweber.

Let's look at the characteristics of this software.

Now Take A Deep Breath If You're Ready
To See Our List Of Powerful Features!

  • Compatible with all major browsers.
  • ​Easy to use and 100% newbie-friendly.
  • ​Ideal for any niche on the planet.
  • ​SEO Optimized
  • ​You can add a video, if you want, or a static image.
  • ​All autoresponder systems supported.
  • ​Unlimited customizable colors.
  • ​Built to support unlimited languages.
  • 2 versions (EU & NON-EU) of your squeeze pages created at once.
  • GDPR-friendly signup forms.
  • ​Commercial license included, with unlimited squeeze pages creation.
  • ​Dummy content included.
  • ​Dedicated support and assistance.

Needless To Say That The Generated Squeeze
Pages Will Run On All Devices.

Here Are A Few Squeeze Pages Examples
Generated Quickly Using Our Software...

Do You Want To Check a Real Squeeze Page Created With Our Software?

Say goodbye to the hard to use squeeze page building tools and to the ugly, boring and mediocre designs you can see around!

In just five minutes you can design your own GDPR-ready squeeze page, and start promoting it with no risks or troubles, as you have everything you need to start. We use this tool to create our squeeze pages, and it works like a charm.

This software is newbie-friendly, and in a few clicks, you can create state-of-the-art squeeze pages, ready to grow your list day by day.

This software is that powerful, containing several secret features you've never seen before. So you can stop thinking about GDPR problems and relax because this is, without any doubt, the best squeeze page generator on the planet. Lightweight, easy to run, and fast. No tech, no codes to edit, and no troubles at all. Our previous software released is our best guarantee.

You have the opportunity to design the squeeze pages you have always desired and have them follow the law to the letter to avoid problems.

So you can stop paying for monthly high-ticket tools, and you can start creating squeeze pages for yourself or for reselling them like a pro. Do you know how many people will pay you to get GDPR-ready squeeze pages? You can't imagine!
Here Is The Truth - With This Software All The Problems
You Have Ever Experienced End Here.

Create Unlimited Squeeze Pages For Yourself,
Or Resell Them As a Freelancer To Build Your Fortune!
Thanks To IntelliSqueeze You Can Go
Straight To Profits With No Headaches!
  • Nothing new to learn. The software works as a website to make things easy for you.
  • No need to learn techniques.
  • You can earn selling your squeeze pages, or get a big email list promoting them.
  • The most converting opt-in pages are the ones that go straight to the point.
  • You don't have to pay monthly to use our software, it's a one-time small fee.
  • It's an evergreen software, and if it needs improvements or fixes, we will care about it.
  • Use the squeeze page you create for a lot of objectives.
Only The Brave Are Taking Advantage Of Stunning
Squeeze Pages To Grow Their Lists, And Earn Money.

Thanks To IntelliSqueeze, Everything Will Be Easier For
And You Can Create Wonderful Opt-In Pages.
We refreshed this software to make it perfect for the new technologies, and now, instead of installing it on your computer you can use it in one click, online.

You can use IntelliSqueeze in a lot of ways. Let's check some together:
  • You can create squeeze pages for building your list.
  • You can create squeeze pages with one of your videos to promote your Youtube channel, and get more subscribers.
  • You can build pages for promoting high-ticket affiliate products, bringing new subscribers inside your prepared list.
  • ​You can use those squeeze pages to sell any affiliate product.
  • ​You can create pages for offline businesses that want more customers.
  • ​You can create new squeeze pages for who needs help, selling a useful service.
  • ​You can add those squeeze pages to your PLR products, to give more value.
  • ​You can use the opt-in page as an entry point for your funnel.
  • ​And much, much more!

If You Scratch The Surface, You Can Discover
A Lot Of Ways To Make Money With Squeeze Pages!

And This Software Has No Limits!

It is the most comprehensive software solution to create squeeze page in a couple of minutes, with or without a video, and with a stunning Call To Action button.
  • ​ Thousands Of Ways To Customize Your Squeeze Pages.
  • ​ ​Those Pages Are Made To Convert.
  • Easily Extract Squeeze Pages From The Software.
Repeat These 3 Easy Steps to Create
Your Desired List Of Subscribers!
Think About What You Need To Build Your List For.
Create a Squeeze Page With Our Software.
Start Building Your List Like There's No Tomorrow!

This brand new version of IntelliSqueeze will be launched for a few days at an introductory price to give you the chance to try our software and see how easy it is and what beautiful squeeze page you can create.

It is not one of the many hyped-up software released and then forgotten by their programmers. I've been around WarriorPlus for more than ten years and the developer for more years than me. So it will get any update it will need, any adjustments, or anything you may need.

IntelliSqueeze is a fantastic solution for creating squeeze pages like a pro for you or your customers. There are no usage limits. It's a complete software that can really help you get huge conversions, and consequently, sales.

If You Want To Finally Build a List With Huge Conversions,
Or Help Someone Else With Your Squeeze Pages,
a Tool Like IntelliSqueeze Is a Must Have.

No Other Software Can Give You So Much Value And
a Step-By-Step Building Process To Create
Outstanding Squeeze Pages For Your Business.

Here's What You Get When You Purchase My Product
Our proven software creates squeeze pages for you or your customers. Those squeeze pages are incredible for the high conversions they give you and for the fact we made a lot of split tests, and they were the winners.

This software is online, so it works on Windows, Mac, Android and iOs cell phones, tablets, and more. It's the S.A.A.S new software.
This bonus software is integrated into Intelligent Squeeze Page Generator but we created a stand-alone app as well that you can use for monetizing your traffic for any website you create, even the ones you created without using our software.

It allows you to create a nice looking website, which is fully customizable. It will be used for people who subscribed to your list, it shows a thank-you message for subscribing and asks your subscriber to stay a few seconds more until they are automatically redirected to any website of your choice.

By using Redirection Monetizer it looks much more professional resulting in less people unsubscribing and more people taking action on the redirected offer you will show them after being polite and thank them for subscribing to your list.

This software comes with commercial license which means you are allowed to create those special thank-you pages for client and sell them.

This Is The Software You Have Been Waiting For! 

Creating Squeeze Pages So Fast And So Beautiful
Give You The Chance To Get Way More Leads,
And Way More Sales In The Process.

Grab Your Copy Of INTELLISQUEEZE Right Now! 

14 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with your purchase, please send me an email clicking the link below,
and I will refund your purchase in max 48 hours. Thanks.

If you also need help, please contact me through my email address.

Thanks a lot and see you on the inside!

Alessandro Zamboni
Dirk Wagner
P.S. Remember you can try our software for 14 days and see how it works. You will be astonished to see its ease of use and the top-quality squeeze pages it can generate for you.

P.P.S. As you know, over the years, I created a lot of state-of-the-art software with my friend Dirk Wagner; Cheatsheet Generator, Public Domain Finder: Images, Public Domain Finder: Content, and more. Each one of those has been an incredible success. So don't lose the chance to put your hands on IntelliSqueeze before the price changes!

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