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Journals are really important for anyone who needs to record daily tasks, thoughts, objectives and important things, and even if we are in the computer era, a paper journal is something we can't live without. 

Thanks to journals people experience happiness, achieve important objectives, and jot down things to remember for a lifetime. They are an incredibly powerful tool, and who experienced it can't stop using them.

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One year and half passed since I released the first version of Journals Empire, and now I rebuilt the course from the ground up, with all new videos.

To start, you only need to know the process, and that's what I will show you in this video course. I will teach you how to create different types of journals, and I will show you 5 immense niches where you can publish your journals, day by day. This is a really in-demand niche that never saturates, and that allows you to build your monthly profits.

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From The Desk Of:
Alessandro Zamboni
People want an easy way to jot down their important details and things to remember to organize their days. And even if we have document editors on our computer and cell phones, it’s normal to go in front of a journal, and that’s why it’s our moment of peace.

There’s also the fact people buy journals not only for them, but also to make beautiful gifts to their friends, and that happened to me many times. I have bought countless journals throughout the years, simply because they attracted me or because I needed them.

This year I bought at least 10 journals, ranging from Christmas to recipes, and from standard planners to advanced mindset journals.

There are a lot of secrets to create and sell top journals, and I’ve got them all for you. There are markets where they sell like crazy, and others where they are not even looked at. It’s incredible, but there’s an art in creating and selling journals, and now you can become a part of it.

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  •  2 Ways To Sell Your Journals Like Crazy.
  •  And much, much more!
A complete step-by-step video series to help you create outstanding and attractive journals, that draw buyers in. Something you won’t find anywhere else.

Over this year and half I grew my knowledge and became a professional journal publisher, and I'm here to let you know all the secrets I learned.

This business is growing like crazy year by year, and ALL YOUR JOURNALS ARE ALWAYS EVERGREEN, as they don't expire.
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3 Steps To Repeat To Earn Passive Income!
Find an idea inside one of the niches I show you, and start creating the journal!
Create the cover for your new book in the right format, with free software!
Upload it on Amazon KDP as a paper book, and get ready to collect sales!
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The step-by-step highly profitable method is shown inside this video series. You will learn how to create 5 brand new journals, how to bring them up in the research, and the secret methods no one ever revealed on how to discover incredibly good niches with just a few clicks.
JOURNALS EMPIRE (The First Version!)
If you want more ideas to dominate the market with your journals, I decided to include my first Journals Empire for free.
In this way you can check the previous journals I presented, and all the other videos available for you. This course sold over 1,500 copies on its first release.
Creating journals is pure fun, but doing that with a group where you can ask questions, get support, chat and collaborate it's even better. And it's free... forever!

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If you only need a 20-minute session to create a complete journal, how many will you design and sell? I would need to charge $497 for this same training you are seeing here on this page, but it's not my aim. I want to help you to build a new business from zero.

This system is literally impossible to saturate, thanks to our incredible creativity and the thousands of topics, themes and images available to use inside our journals. You are just jumping on a secret goldmine. And in second place, we will use keywords that other authors still don't use for their books.
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Alessandro Zamboni
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