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Learn How To Find Unlimited Public Domain Content, 10 New Ways To Monetize It, And All The 2021
Brand New Releases.

Join Me Novembre 22nd, 2020 at 10am EST
Alessandro Zamboni offers years of experience in Online Marketing. His solid background is full of successful product launches, with 32 Deals Of The Day titles, and quality products sold on WarriorPlus and ClickFunnels. 

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Hello and Welcome to the Official JV Page of
Hello and welcome to the official Public Domain Empire 4.0 JV Page!

After 4 years, this product has become a well-known source of information about the incredible world of the public domain, with new updates and new techniques. In the previous three launches, it sold more than 3,527 copies.

2021 brought more than 74,000 new resources to the public domain, a lot of incredible books, comics, images, movies, sounds and soundtracks, government documents, and much, much more.

So, inside Public Domain Empire 4, there will be a lot of new things:

- What is public domain.
- How to use it wisely and without any risk.
- 162 websites to find ebooks, audiobooks, comics, photos and images, music, and government docs you can use the way you like.
- Where to find the 74,000 new materials in the public domain since January 2021, and the best ones you shouldn’t miss.
- 10 brand new methods on how to make money with the public domain.
- And much more!

This is a gem for your customers in need of content, images for websites, ideas, and ways to build a fortune with the public domain.

On OTO1 I will give them the opportunity to buy the first three versions with the exclusive bonuses for $27 instead of $78. You get a 50% commission.

On OTO2 I will give them the opportunity to buy all the upsells of the first three editions of Public Domain Empire for $37 instead of over $400.

On OTO3 I will give them the possibility to purchase Public Domain Finder, the software to find PD books in one click. It will sell for $27 with white label rights included.

On OTO4 I will include the Public Domain Images Finder that gives the opportunity to search unlimited images. It will sell for $47 with white label rights.

That’s all! I hope to count you in on this huge product launch!

Thanks so much and see you on the leaderboard!
Alessandro Zamboni
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Public Domain Empire 4 is Here!
Uncover The New Public Domain Gems In 2021!
Public Domain Empire is Back!


Hello and welcome.

Alessandro Zamboni is back with “Public Domain Empire 4”, one of his most incredible products ever, and all updated for 2021!

Incredible because he takes a well-known topic and delivers something I have never seen before!

==> Grab Your Copy of PD Empire 4!

In fact, inside his guide you will discover:

- Everything about public domain rights.
- 162 websites to find public domain works.
- Links to the 74,000 public domain releases for 2021.
- The top public domain materials of 2021.
- 10 secret methods to make sales (all new!)
- Many more ideas!

==> Grab Your Copy of PD Empire 4!

If you want to start building passive income with public domain works, including ebooks, audiobooks, comics, images and photos, movies, music and sounds, secret documents, and much, much more, this is your unique opportunity.

This is another gem by Alessandro, something I will keep on my desktop because thanks to “Public Domain Empire 4” you can build a list and start making profits on a daily basis.

All his ideas are fantastic and I never saw them anywhere else. He’s the king of the public domain!

==> Grab Your Copy of PD Empire 3.0!

Thanks and see you,
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The Best Public Domain Of 2021!
Grab The Best Public Domain Guide Ever!
Over 3,570 Sales. PD Empire is Back!


Hello and welcome.

Public domain has always been one of my favorite topics because inside it you can find big and evergreen treasures you can easily turn into sales.

Public Domain Empire 4 is the brand-new version of the product that sold over 3,570 copies in 3 years. The unique guide who gives you all the news for 2021.

==> Discover The 2021 News About Public Domain!

On January 1st, 2021, over 74,000 materials have been released into the public domain. That means you can take them, republish them, zip them in packages, and much, much more.

Alessandro Zamboni is taking the time to show you 10 new methods on how to make cash with the public domain, and every method is incredibly easy.

Don’t miss your chance to grab Public Domain Empire 4 for the low introductory price!

==> Discover The 2021 News From Public Domain!

Thanks so much and see you soon,
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Discover How to Use Free Contents For Moolah!
Become a Public Domain Expert in a Snap!
New Public Domain Guide by...


Hello and welcome.
Yesterday I told you about “Public Domain Empire 4”.
Have you seen the power inside it? This is a gem, here to stay for a long time, after the three previous releases of this bestselling course.
I have never seen so many new methods about the public domain, and just when you think you have seen it all, Alessandro comes out with another gem…

==> Public Domain Empire 4 Is Waiting For You!
Here is a recap of what you will find inside his training:
- Public domain rights (everything is explained)
- 162 websites to find public domain works (wow!)
- 10 new methods to make cash (this is crazy!)
- What 2021 brings to the public domain (a lot of news!)
- And much more!
This is so huge that I’m sure I will be profiting in just a few days.
The methods inside are for authors, internet marketers, artists, offline marketers, and much, much more. So, expect to find a lot of explosive ideas you never heard of or found before!
This is public domain reinvented, for the fourth time in four years!
Go ahead now and check out “Public Domain Empire 4”, and hoping Alessandro hasn’t started his dime sale yet!
==> Public Domain Empire 4 Is Waiting For You!
Thanks and see you,

I'm very happy to count you in on this special launch, something huge. One of my best launches of all times, for customers and for affiliates like you.

Give me your preference, and I promise I will give you incredible conversions and a lot of commissions. Have any questions (review copies...etc)? Connect with me! Send an email to or search for me on Facebook.

Thanks so much and see you soon,
Alessandro Zamboni
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