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From: The desk of Alessandro Zamboni and Paulo Gro

Dear Friend,

Do you need help coming up with innovative ideas for your printables/low-content business? Are you tired of searching for inspiration on a sea of generic content? Look no further! Our comprehensive collection of 280 expertly-crafted prompts will make your printables and books creation process incredibly fast and elevate your business to new heights.

As you embark on this journey, you will soon discover that the opportunities are endless, but so are the challenges. One of the most significant obstacles in this rapidly-evolving industry is finding fresh ideas in an ultra-saturated market. You can spend hours in research without finding good ideas, and competition is huge if you keep releasing basic things.

This course will help you overcome these hurdles and propel your printable business to new heights. The printable market has seen an explosion of growth in recent years as more and more people turn to digital solutions for their everyday needs.

The demand for unique and engaging printables has never been higher – from journals and workbooks to planners and stickers. However, with this surge in popularity comes the challenge of differentiating your business from the countless others vying for the attention of your target audience.

In this ever-competitive landscape, staying ahead of the curve and consistently developing innovative ideas that resonate with your customers is crucial. That's where our spreadsheet comes in. We've carefully curated a collection of 280 expertly-crafted prompts for ChatGPT, designed to spark your imagination and inspire you to create printables that genuinely stand out from the crowd.

Following our prompts, you can delve into ideas and inspiration, content generation, design advice, formatting, and marketing. Not only that, but we also explore different types of printables and low-content books, including journals, workbooks, activity books, planners, ebook templates, stickers, posters, logbooks, and tracker books, ensuring that you are well-equipped to cater to all of your customer needs.


Unlock The Power Of ChatGPT With Ready-to-Use
280 Prompts For Ideas and Content, Simplifying
Your Printables And Low-Content Creation Process!

Look At This Example:

I Entered One Of The 280 Prompts...

I Got a Very Good Answer, And I Like It!

So I Can Immediately Start Following The Points, Asking ChatGPT
For Questions In The Right Order To Compile My Brand New Journal! This Is The Step 2 About Gratitude Journaling :)

So In 10 Minutes You Can Have Your Content Ready!
Look At The Final eBook/Book You Can Sell On Etsy Or Amazon!

Now Introducing "Printables Prompts Empire"!

Generally, you are always given the information you must absorb and turn it into something good for yourself or your business. That's how a course works. This time, we are giving you real prompts that provide solutions you can use immediately for building your presence on Etsy with your printables.

You simply have to look at the prompts, choose the ones you prefer, copy and paste them into ChatGPT, and get the desired results.

You can discover new niches and products you never thought about. Additionally, you'll have unlimited ideas on how to fill your printables with solid content, exactly what your customers are looking for.

Just How Fast Can You Start Making Money With This? 

It will take 2 minutes to select one or more prompts, paste them into ChatGPT, and get answers in real-time.

I used this software to create unique printables and low-content books to resell on Etsy and Amazon.

You can create an unlimited number of printables and build a long-lasting passive income stream. The possibilities are endless, and with the help of our 280 prompts, you will never run out of ideas or inspiration.

You can insert any prompt we provide 10,000 times, and it will always give different results. That's the power of ChatGPT.

From journals to memory games, workbooks to stickers, activity books to planners, scrapbooking to labels, and posters, to tell you a few of the prompts you will find, you are covered.

"Printables Prompts Empire" is a game-changer for everyone who wants to build a printables/low-content business.

You Can Save a Lot Of Time, And Create Exactly
The Printables/Low-Content Books People Are Looking For.
That's The Power Of Our 280 Prompts.

Want To See How It Works?

Let's Do Another Example Here!

And Here Is The Incredible Answer I Got!

And You Can Also Asks For The Answers
To Give Ideal Solutions In Your Printables.

And this is only one prompt! Imagine what you can do with the other 279 in the package!

You can literally turn yourself into an author of printables, and Kindle books. This is your huge opportunity.

The "280 Printables ChatGPT Prompts" collection makes designing and producing printables easier than ever before. With 280 expertly crafted prompts, you'll have a wealth of ideas to draw from, eliminating the need to brainstorm from scratch and ensuring consistent quality across all your creations.

Why Choose Our Collection Of 280 Printables Prompts?

The Range of Topics: Our prompts cater to a wide variety of printables, including journals, workbooks, activity books, planners, ebook templates, stickers, posters, logbooks, and tracker books. There's something for everyone!

Expertly-Crafted: Each prompt has been carefully designed by us, ensuring top-notch quality and maximum creative potential.

Effortless Integration with ChatGPT: Our prompts are specifically tailored to work seamlessly with ChatGPT, making idea generation and content creation a breeze.

Time-Saving: Say goodbye to spending endless hours searching for inspiration. Our collection of prompts will provide you with a wealth of ideas at your fingertips, allowing you to focus on what really matters - creating amazing printables!

Who Am I?

My name is Alessandro Zamboni, I’m from Italy, and I’ve been an “in the trenches” internet marketer since 2008.

I’ve created a sold many different products and courses in a wide array of niches. And I’ve had success to the point where I reached over 7 figures from my efforts.

But it wasn’t always like this… As a young man, I had some serious medical issues culminating in a benign tumor being removed from my head surgically. I’ve pretty much never been the same since and I’m still recovering from those surgeries.

I became disabled and unable to work a traditional job due to my health issues.
So I had no choice but to seek out alternative methods of making money to support myself and my family. I struggled for years before anything clicked but once I tasted success I ran with it.

And here I am all these years later still fighting, still recovering, and still helping people get fabulous results in their lives from internet marketing.

Let's Talk About The Power Of Those Prompts!
With Our 280 Prompts You Will Be Able To Do Research On a Lot Of Topics!
  • Content Generation: Create relevant and engaging content for your printables, from writing exercises and educational materials to fun activities like word searches and crossword puzzles.
  • Design Advice: Receive suggestions on layout, color schemes, and other design elements, making your printables visually appealing.
  • Ideas and Inspiration: Tap into a wealth of ideas and inspiration for deciding on the perfect topic or theme for your printable projects.
  • ​Formatting: Get guidance on formatting, including font choices, spacing, and other design elements to ensure your printables are easy to read and navigate.
  • ​Target Audience: Tailor your printables to specific audiences with age-appropriate content and design suggestions, catering to young children, teenagers, or adults.
  • ​Marketing: Receive advice on marketing strategies, pricing, and reaching your target audience when selling or distributing your printables.
And With The Extensive Collection Of ChatGPT Prompts You Can Create High-Quality,
Engaging, And Professional Printables For a Variety Of Niches And Purposes!
  • Workbooks: Develop comprehensive workbooks with thought-provoking questions, clear explanations, and structured layouts.
  • Journals: Generate journal entries, offer creative layouts, and provide ideas for self-reflection and personal growth.
  • Activity Books: Create a lot of entertaining activity books, catering to different age groups and skill levels with a wide range of engaging activities.
  • ​Planners: Design innovative and functional planners, helping users set goals, prioritize tasks, and improve their time management.
  • ​Ebook Templates: Craft effective ebook templates with advice on structure, formatting, compelling headlines, and engaging content.
  • Stickers Texts: Generate catchy phrases for various sticker themes, offering ideas for creative and eye-catching designs.
  • ​Posters Phrases: Design powerful posters with impactful messages, guidance on typography and layout, and ideas for various themes and purposes.
  • Log Books: Create effective log book formats and layouts, helping users track and organize various aspects of their lives.
  • Tracker Books: Develop unique and functional tracker books with ideas for layouts, effective habit monitoring, and guidance on maintaining a successful tracker system.
As You Can See, Those Prompts Are Powerful, And Will Give You An Outstanding Advantage Over Your Competitors!

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So Are You Ready To Enter a New Era?

When thinking about how much we were going to charge for this set of prompts, we came up with the idea of $297…

That sounded like a fair exchange for the amount of value we are offering you today, however, we quickly thought that many people might be turned off by a price like that…

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So much so that we are willing to make this a completely risk-free investment.

Simply secure your access today and if at any time during the next 14 days you aren’t completely thrilled about the never-seen-before methods I describe inside this course…

I want you to contact us and we will immediately issue a prompt refund for 100% of the purchase price to you, no questions asked! The refund will take max 48 hours, generally much less.
With a guarantee and a price like this, I’ve done everything I can to get this amazing course into your hands!

Don't Miss Out On This Golden Opportunity To Revolutionize Your Printables And Low-Content Business And Stay
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Simply click the order button below and you’ll be taken directly to the order form where you can enter your payment information and check out.
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Act fast and you can send your income to the moon!

Thanks and we look forward to hearing your printables success story!

Alessandro Zamboni
Paulo Gro
P.S. Remember, this is a one-of-a-kind resource that will provide you with an almost infinite number of winning ideas for your printables business. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to automate your printables creation process and stay ahead of the competition.

P.P.S. We are so confident in the value of "Printables Prompts Empire" that we're offering a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, simply let us know within 14 days of your purchase, and we will refund your money, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so get your copy today!

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