Discover The Real Power Of Trends
To Generate Unlimited Ideas!
Are You Stuck In Creating Products,
Articles, Videos And Product Reviews? 
I've The Solution For You, Coming From
My 12 Years Experience!
It's maddening.

Every day on Facebook or from other marketers' mailings, you see it day in and day out.
"This product launch ended up deliver 6 figures of profit..."
"That product launch was awarded the Deal of the Day..."

And yet perhaps you...

Well, you've found yourself helplessly stuck at the very beginning of the process.

How can you find profitable ideas that are virtually guaranteed to sell?

If that's ever occurred to you in the past, I can totally understand it. I used to be in same place, back when I started at the Warrior Forum in 2011!

8 years ago that was... but I remember it as clearly as today.

Dozens and dozens of successful marketers were selling their digital products, and generating sales out of thin air!

How DID they manage it?

It was SO frustrating back then...

I had bills to pay and people to support... and yet, I had no real idea how to truly begin and see my way to success.

You can relate to the pain and frustration of that, right?

If so, I have wonderful news for you!

After 8 years, I'm happy to announce that I've cracked the code on simple, yet profitable product creation.

In “Product Ideas Empire”, you will get not 1...

... not 2 ....

but all 8 (!) secret yet simple ways that I personally use to develop not just my products...

... but the upsells as well (which not only results in higher customer satisfaction, but also delivers more profit to me and my affiliates too!).
Inside “Product Ideas Empire”, you will get all the 8 methods I personally use to find incredible new topics and trends for my products and funnels.
Getting So Much Sales From
One Single, Curious Idea....
2,288 Sales
1,866 Sales
581 Sales
917 Sales
992 Sales
938 Sales
986 Sales
647 Sales
Start Generating Products From Never-Seen-Before Ideas!
Never-Seen-Before, These Are The
Real Secret Of My Success In Product Creation.
I guarantee all the methods included in my guide are very easy and totally newbie friendly, even if you have never heard about them before. So no headaches coming from the study, and no unexpected surprises at all!
No unexpected surprises at all, when you learn the methods inside the guide, you will be able to find new ideas exactly when you need them. Don't feel stuck in product creation, your idea is just a few clicks away!
It's twelve years, without interruption, that these methods have worked like a charm. And they will work for the next many years too, without drying out. A couple of clicks and your idea will be served to you on a silver platter.
Over the years I became famous for my online marketing product releases, always centered around new market trends. I also received a lot of emails from people asking me how I am able to find so many ideas, so quickly to keep my business running month after month.

The answer is simple, and it's inside "Products Creation Empire". Yes, it's the first time I am releasing these secrets in public, and I'm happy to do that on WarriorPlus, the website that literally gave me a well paid job.

Considering I'm Italian, English is not my first language and I have never travelled to the US, I know it's crazy. I'm the unique Italian doing this for 12 years, without interruption. And it has been a long travel. So long that now I want to bring you in, and give you the chance to discover my same ideas.

The process is very simple, and you can say goodbye to hours lost, and to the usual topics that have been used tens of time before your launch. If you don't use the surprise effect, you are literally burned out by your same competitors. Online marketing is not a normal job, it is an escape where with one eye you look at competitors, and with the other you search for profitable ideas.

My techniques are very easy to follow and repeat any time you desire, and you can do this process in 5 to 10 minutes, right when you need more ideas for products, books to write and your projects in general.
Choose To Turn Yourself Into An Inventor, And Become Famous And Rich, Like These:
Bill Gates
Steve Jobs
George Lucas
Elon Musk
Jeff Bezos

Thomas Edison
Alexander Graham Bell
Nikola Tesla
Samuel Morse
Albert Einstein

& Many, Many More!
Leonardo Da Vinci
Galileo Galilei
Isaac Newton
Henry Ford
Great Results Come From Great Ideas,
And Defeat Comes From Poor Ideas.
The Difference Is Only This One.
When I started my online marketing career, I faced a lot of difficulties. The first was getting noticed, as the first launches were seen only by a few people, and results were awful. That's because I was launching things people hadn’t heard of or seen yet, with no news and no changes.

You must always differentiate your launches from anything else, or you will become a loser. Find new angles, new techniques, new ideas and you will conquer your audience. And it will be forever waiting for your news. It's what I learned first, a great lesson I never forgot, and one that will bring me exactly where I want to be.

Online marketing is the best job in the world. You can do it from any place, it gives you the liberty to stay with your family and loved ones. And I know it seems crazy, but all you need is a clever idea and nothing else. A different way to approach your market.

Also if you work in other fields, you can get way more from your job, just with new ideas. My methods in fact are great for any niche. There are really no limits, and my step by step techniques can be applied with success.

My Idea Generation Techniques Work
For Every Niche In The World.
My first years have been a rollercoaster. Ups and downs. And in some months I've been searching for new ideas in the wrong places. So I lost a lot of time, the most precious thing you have in your life, searching for nothing great. And I had no idea on where to go to move to the next block.

When I fired myself from my 8-to-5 job, I was the happiest person in the world, but I wasn't sure my online marketing job could run forever. So I was constantly preoccupied about my future, a terrible thing to live with. 

But after a few training sessions with great online marketers, and a lot of research on trends that light up like a fire, I've been able to generate so many ideas, that I can't work on all of them. Yeah, I know it seems incredible, but when you read my guide you will get an explosion of new trends to capture and turn into brand new courses.

It's true you should work on the things you know, but with them you can't create 12 products in a year like I do, and second they are more difficult to market, because another 100 people are selling your same training. Facebook Ads, Instagram, chatbots, offline marketing... All covered!
This Is One Of The Few Businesses 
You Can Run With No Ads.
All Traffic Comes From Affiliates. Boom!
This Is My Face When I Find a Brilliant New Idea!
- My Brilliant Lesson On Mindset.

- 8 Methods To Generate Unlimited Ideas, Right When You Are Looking For Them.

- 3 Case Studies About My Top Products, And Where I Got The Idea From.
- How to Apply Strategies To Different Niches.

- 20 Websites Where Great Ideas Are Waiting For You.

- Step by Step Descriptions With Screenshots, To Help You Understand Better.
What You Will Learn With My Course Is Incredibly Easy!
This is a very straightforward process, much easier to do than to show on a graphic like this one :)

Jokes apart, I perfected it over the years to become very fast, and if you set it up the way I show you, you can really use it in no more than 5/10 minutes per day, to gather great information for your next products.

My course is not only features, it also has a lot of benefits I'm going to list for you in this page as well!
Creating Courses
Creating Reports
Writing PLR
Writing Articles
Product Reviews
Doing Storytelling
And Much, Much More!
You Will Place Yourself on Top of Your Competitors.

You Can Earn a Lot By Knowing Trends Before The Masses.

No One, Apart From Me, Is Actually Doing This.

You Can Build a Business With Ease.

Whoever Loves Your Products, Will Also Buy The Next Ones.
The information available inside this course will change the way you think about how to create new products. There are hundreds of opportunities coming out each and every month, and it's your duty to grab them and turn that info into a new eBook or video series.

Thanks to the 8 methods I share with you, you will be one of the few knowing the real secrets to always having a golden idea at the right moment. The value of this book goes totally over the low price I'm asking for, as you will be able to see.
What Will You Get With Your Purchase of "Product Ideas Empire"?
Discover everything about how to find trends and ideas incredibly fast, by doing a couple of mouse clicks every day. There are 8 different methods to explore, and you can use only one, or all of them together.

You can easily turn these ideas into new products and funnels no one has ever heard about. And you know, curiosity is an incredible magnet for customers, in every niche.
To get you started like a pro, I'm giving away my RSS collection, to give you one more chance to detect new trends on the go. Very easy to import into any RSS reader, this list has been built in the last 7 years of my life and includes over 420 news sources.

Once inside, you will find a lot of blogs delivering news around the clock, in online marketing, email marketing, new trends and much, much more!
I'm sure that right now you have understood the unlimited power behind my "Product Ideas Empire". It is something you can use today, and 10 years from now. It's an evergreen idea generator to use anytime you want.
This Works Incredibly Well For Products,
But There Are No Limits: Try It For Contents, Videos, Articles, Podcasts, Storytelling...
You Name It!
This is something I'm proud to pass on to you, to make your business life easy. Imagine, by getting just one product out per month, how much that can bring you... And you will be touching everyone's curiosity with what you find.

I'm not talking about all the usual garbage you see released, but products like... mine! Think about my catalogue for a moment... I've was the first to launch how to create t-shirts on Amazon Merch, the first to talk about coloring books, cookbooks applied to Kindle publishing, wall calendars to print on your own, mugs printing, Pokemon Go, Nintendo Switch and so on!

When you see something out-of-the-schemes getting a Deal Of The Day, it's me... Alessandro Zamboni!

This is the best way to show you my ideas research how-to is something unbelievable for the power it gives to you. You won't be the same, you will always be updated on things no one actually knows about!
This Is Your Time-Limited Chance To Turn Yourself Into a Trends Master.

Ideas Will Flow Like Magic, And Cash Follows
The Creative People! Are You Ready To Start?
14 Day Money Back Guarantee
"Product Ideas Empire" includes all methods that works, and instructions you won't find everywhere else. So you should know what you are buying. Even if this is a "no-brainer" for what you will learn and for the low price it is sold, if it doesn't work for you, please let me know and I will issue a refund on your request.

Just send an email message to, and I will guarantee your refund in 24/48 hours. I'm 100% confident this is a top quality product, and that if you will take advantage of it as soon as you can, you will start seeing results.
Thanks so much, and see you on the inside!
Alessandro Zamboni
P.S. No one can show you my secret methods. I kept these secret until today, and it's your best deal for this year. Don't lose the chance to know 8 ground-breaking methods to get unlimited ideas for products and content generation.

P.P.S. If you are still here, there's hope for the human kind. Go back and click the buy button!
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