After the big success of "Public domain empire" We wanted to Give you
something special. It is...
Public domain finder:
Images Edition
The Software That Finds Public Domain Photos From 42 Different Sources!
Take a Deep Breath If You’re
Ready To See What’s Inside For You!
In Short, The Real Advantages Of Our Software Are Incredible...
You save a lot of time in research.

You get all the photos available on a topic.

You get an easy file to archive.

You can make money reselling the files.
It's all in one place. No links to save.

It's the fastest solution on market.

No more time or money wasted.

No more image collections to buy.
After the sale of Public Domain Empire, we got so many questions and words of advice that we felt we had to create a deluxe version of our software with a cool new function: searching for public domain images.

Imagine finding the images you are searching for, all usable for private and commercial projects without limitations, on every possible niche. 

So you can stop spending money for paid photos, but you can also make money by reselling image packages like many others are currently doing. People love photos, images and clip-art, especially if they can get them all together without bouncing from one site to another.

This is the real power of our PD Finder: Photos Edition, a technology able to help you forever. You get a document filled with clickable links taking you to photo-sites with the exact photos you are searching for, listed together in one place for you.
See Some Of The Images You May Find
With Our Software...

This is totally newbie friendly, and in one click you can find thousands of photos, images and clip-arts.

This is powerful, and never seen before. So you can stop purchasing all that image collections where you never find the image you were looking for.

You have the opportunity to find all the hidden photos available in public domain you always wanted to find.
The Complete Package
- Images Edition -

This is our software for Windows*,
searching public domain photos for you.

One keyword, one click and you get results.
Images you can use for anything, including commercial projects, with no need to do attribution.

* You can use it on Mac with an emulator
(I love using CrossOver from Codeweavers)
Here is my *unreleased* cheatsheet I created for you, with a lot of interesting links to know more about public domain,
new product releases and more.

It's yours with private label rights, so you can use it for yourself, or resell it.
A series of three podcasts, that in around 2 hours let you comprehend all about public domain, from its usage, to where to find it and how to sell it. A solid method.
We Give You The Huge Opportunity
To Become a Premium User Of Our
“Public Domain Finder: Images Edition”.
It’s Now… Or Never.
This Software Is Made For Windows.
If you have a Mac, you can use the 30-day trial of Crossover (that is cheap, anyway.)
This tool doesn't require to install Windows on a Mac and works like a charm.
Thanks a lot and see you on the inside!

  Alessandro Zamboni & Dirk Wagner

P.S. If you don't take advantage of our Photo software now, you won't find it anywhere else when you leave this page…

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