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Hello and welcome.

In just 30 minutes you can setup your own unlimited traffic machine, simply by using your WP Blog or Blogger RSS Feed and a few rules of automation. Keep a constant flow of targeted visitors, and turn them into sales and recurring traffic! No more long traffic creation sessions!

If you have been struggling for traffic, I have the perfect solution for you. Let me present you with version 2.0 of RSS Traffic Rocket, released after 5 years since the first guide.

RSS, a.k.a. Really Simple Syndication, are web feeds that allow users to access updates from the websites they follow in an easy way. So users can keep hundreds of different feeds in a RSS reader.

What I love about RSS, is they are incredibly huge for generating traffic, and once you setup it, it will never stop growing. It’s like an avalanche, something unbelievable and that you can trust. Just look at my results below.

Consider that I never spent a cent on traffic in all my life. For blogs I use ONLY RSS and nothing else…
Check My Blog Traffic, And See How It Kept Growing
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And Without Lifting a Finger!
Today I present you the best method ever to deliver targeted traffic to your blogs, working on the back-end for you, automatically, after you launch it.

Everything is shown in a step-by-step way, and I give you everything you need to activate the RSS traffic trigger in no more than 30 minutes. Then, your visitors will start to grow day by day, month by month and year by year, in a way you never thought possible.

I have used this method since 2010, and after 8 years it still works like a charm, automatically and without me having to check anything. It’s all automatic traffic coming to your blog to read your content and take action. Real visitors interested in what you have to offer.

You can use this method on your blogs, on videos (as I show you) or sell it as a service for the amount you desire. The power of RSS is one of the most underestimated traffic techniques ever, because no one knows how to activate this automated method.
Activating My RSS Method Means Getting
An Avalanche of Traffic You Can’t Stop.
And It Is THE Best Traffic You Can Receive,
Much More Powerful Than Paid Traffic,
Because It’s Responsive, Active and
In Search Of The Info You Provide!
If you are curious to know what’s inside for you in RSS Traffic Rocket, here we go:
  •  What is RSS.
  •  Discover the top RSS readers.
  •  Discover how to find RSS feeds.
  •  The 17 networks you need to join
  •  The 14 “applets” you need to activate.
  •  12 exclusive “applets” to generate traffic to your videos.
  •  22 “applets” for everyday use.
  •  128 additional “applets”.
  •  How to create your own “applets” if missing.
  •  And much, much more!
I’m showing you an even more powerful method than the one I showed you in the first version of this book, released back in 2013, a long, long time ago in the world of technology. And the methods work like a charm to drive more traffic!
In This New Guide I Also Show You
How to Get Unlimited Traffic To Your
Videos, And Not Only To Your Blog!
And More, You Get Over 150 Automated
Applets To Automate Your Business Like a Pro.
For this reason, if you are struggling with traffic, I want you to grab this method, that has been hot for the past 8 years, and continues to give me satisfaction every day. If you show what to do to your RSS, they will do it without having you to lift a finger.

The power of this method is available to test on your Wordpress blogs, Blogger blogs and Youtube/Vimeo videos, a great add-on to the past guide.

The system works for every niche on the planet, not only internet marketing but every niche you can imagine, from gardening to fitness, from dating to guitar lessons. You get my steps, and you copy and paste them to any blog or video you desire. It’s all very easy and newbie proof.

Remember I also offer my support if you need help, or you want to ask any questions. I’m always available and my past customers could be my best reviewers.
The Complete Package
- The Guide -

The full guide to start generating automatic and targeted traffic via RSS feeds, through the use of ready applets, to your Wordpress & Blogger blogs, plus Youtube & Vimeo videos.

This technique has been launched back in 2013, and after 5 years it needed a good refresh and some more value.

This guide will definitely automate your traffic! 
Create RSS feeds also for your HTML pages, with this Windows software that comes with private label rights. 

Easy to use, it creates a RSS feed file you can start promoting with the methods available on the main guide.
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Barb Ling
Version 1.0 was grand... and this is even better! So glad to see this 2.0 update. This is a very powerful way to automate dozens of marketing actions - Alessandro provides a very easy-to-follow guide to making it work great for you. Highly recommended!
Gabriele Giani
Congratulation Alessandro!!! Great product and very helpful. I’m going to use the first one on a new project. The personal method explained inside the ebook is outstanding, and it's unique and very simple for everyone, from a newbie to an expert,

Understanding how to use RSS and other secret systems to deliver traffic to your blog or Youtube videos is priceless. It permits to realize and build an incredible traffic generation method, and I can't say thanks to you enough for sharing your knowledge with me!

There’s no catch. You get a lot of information inside this course, designed to get you more traffic. It’s a method I use personally, and I’m always happy to let my customers know my techniques, step by step.

But Let’s Have a Look At The BENEFITS…

  •  Save a lot of time to use for better things (family, girlfriend/boyfriend, hobbies...)
  •  Get more traffic automatically (yes, your content will continue to get visitors!)
  •  Get more leads and sales (to any blog!)
  •  Grow your authority (you will be where it really counts!)
  •  Get better rankings (more visitors means a better position on Google & co.)
If you want to be a part of my customer base, RSS Traffic Rocket 2.0 is for you. Inside there’s all you need to create all this automated traffic in no more than 30 minutes. That means having a lot of services working for you, day in and day out, to bring you traffic for free.

There’s nothing to pay on the inside, as every site and system I will let you use is completely free to join.
If You Want To Experience The Power of RSS,
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I Will Show You, Step by Step, How To
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Thanks a lot and see you on the inside!
 Alessandro Zamboni
P.S. This is without any doubt my best method regarding traffic generation. You see many around that work for a week or two and then stop. No, this is made to work now and in the future.

P.P.S. If you don’t know yet what to do, how much will you spend on paid ads to get 32K visitors to your blog? I bet more than $9.95! Come back and grab this product while it is still available!
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