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  • Creating new books in fiction and non-fiction is incredibly fast.
  • ​Your books will be published and distributed on 12 big international networks.
  • ​Make it more convenient for your readers to buy your books on their favorite platform.
  • ​Get better rates for your international sales.
  • ​Obtain faster payment methods, for example through Paypal, check or bank transfer.
  • ​Their customer support is more reliable, and ready to answer any question you have.
  • You can avoid taking a degree to format your book, as it takes a few minutes only.
  • ​No exclusive agreements. You can publish your books everywhere you want.
  • ​You can offer your customers pre-order capability, and prepare your book later.
  • ​They won't cancel your books if they only think something is wrong (Amazon does.)
  • ​In short, you can turn yourself into your own boss, managing your time in a better way.

"Self Publishing Empire" Has Been Meticulously
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From: The desk of Alessandro Zamboni & Andreas Quintana

Dear Authors, Writers, And Friends,

We are introducing "Self Publishing Empire" - a revolutionary course meticulously designed to guide you through the unexplored realms of book creation and publishing. In the era of artificial intelligence, this course empowers you to master the art of crafting fiction and non-fiction books using groundbreaking tools like ChatGPT, among others.

"Self Publishing Empire" is more than just a writing course. It's a comprehensive program dives deep into modern publishing, showing you how to publish your book confidently and effectively on a pioneering publishing network. This network has a remarkable approach, focusing on making your publishing process seamless and promoting your book to reach the right audience, making your path to success as an author smoother than ever before.

The landscape of the publishing world is changing, and the power dynamics are shifting away from traditional giants. This course is designed to navigate you through these changes, presenting an alternative to the Amazon-dominated marketThis video course is your golden ticket to the future of book creation and publishing. 

Whether you're an established author looking for fresh strategies or an aspiring writer seeking a comprehensive guide to navigate the publishing world, this course is your complete solution. Change the way you publish your books, and let your story be visible the way it deserves. The future of self-publishing is here. Are you ready to seize it?

Amazon Is Backed Up And Full Of Competing Authors,
So Making Money With It Has Become Really Difficult.

  • You Need a Lot Of Money: You have to get someone to bring your book on top, or you must pay for Amazon Ads to try to get a few sales and find good keywords.
  • Market Saturation: The Amazon book market is incredibly crowded, with millions of titles available. This makes it challenging for any single book to stand out and attract attention from potential readers.
  • Marketing And Promotion: Without an effective marketing strategy, even the best books can fail to reach their target audience. Marketing a book for Kindle or a paperback can include a wide range of activities, from setting up a website or blog, to running social media campaigns, email marketing, and more.
  • Getting Reviews: Reviews play a crucial role in Amazon book sales. It can be difficult to get those initial reviews that help build a book's reputation.
  • Visibility: Getting your book stocked in physical stores or featured on the home page of Amazon is very challenging, if not impossible. Many readers discover books by browsing in stores or online, so visibility can significantly impact sales.
  • Competition: Popular genres are highly competitive, and it can be tough to compete with well-known Amazon authors who already have a large following.
  • And much, much more...

As you can see, publishing your books to Amazon is tough, and it's so hard to get paid.


Would You Be Interested If We Told You That There Is
a Brand New Winning Platform That Promotes
Your Books To Thousands Of Readers? And That You
Can Create Outstanding Human-Like Books By
Using ChatGPT With a Few Secret Tools?

In the heart of our program, "Self Publishing Empire," we tackle one of the most profound aspects of modern-day writing – the creation of both non-fiction guides and winning fiction books. It’s time to step into a world where the barriers between your thoughts and a beautifully written book are shattered, all with the help of the technology that's been the talk of the town – ChatGPT.

In this course, we don't just skim over the surface; we dive deep into every nook and cranny of the writing process. We reveal all the secrets you need to know to write books like a seasoned professional, no matter if you're just starting out or have already dipped your toes in the world of authorship. And the magic tool that enables this? ChatGPT.

What’s more, we reveal insider techniques on how to truly customize ChatGPT, making it an AI reflection of your creativity. Ever wished you could clone your writing style? We'll teach you how to do that. You’ll learn how to fine-tune the AI to mimic your unique writing voice, making it almost indistinguishable from your own hand. 

With "Self Publishing Empire", you are not just learning how to write and publish a book. You’re unlocking a reservoir of insider secrets and groundbreaking tools that put you on the path of becoming a successful self-published author. This is more than a course; it's your gateway to the future of writing. 

As You Can See, With The Right Knowledge, And The Right
Tools, You Can Create Better Books With AI, And Sell Them
With Zero Stress Through An Innovative Platform.

Now Introducing "Self Publishing Empire"!

What you will learn inside this course is different from what you have seen before, and I assure you that you will be one of the first people to get in on this trend correctly, creating amazing books.

A lot of people are doing this business totally wrong, uploading books written by AI without using the proper tools. So you can identify those books in minutes, and also Amazon it will.

With the power of AI, everything changes. One hour and half for a complete fiction book, and even less for a non-fiction one is crazy if you compare this time to when we had no ChatGPT.

Total quality, and with our tips and tricks, no one can see you created it with artificial intelligence. And we won't even use Amazon for running this business. It's easier.

And the platform we present you will sell the books for you, even if you bring zero traffic!

What You Can Expect To Create With Self Publishing Empire?

(This Is Just An Example To Show You Something We Did In One Hour And Half.)

Non-Fiction Books

Fiction Books

We Will Show You How To Create eCovers Like Those For Your New Books, Using The Power Of AI!

This Is The Best Course To Enter
Self-Publishing World With a New Platform
That Will Let Your Books Explode In Popularity.

In the ever-evolving landscape of book writing and publishing, every minute matters. The race is on with the rise of artificial intelligence and innovative publishing networks. The sooner you embrace these transformative tools, the quicker you can stay ahead of the curve and truly make your mark in the literary world.

"Self Publishing AI" is your fast-track gateway to mastering these new-age skills. Waiting means delaying the unleashing of your full creative potential. This course provides the secrets to writing professionally using ChatGPT, crafting compelling eCovers, successfully publishing beyond Amazon, and bringing a bit of traffic if you want more sales than the one provided automatically.

Every moment you wait, the gap between you and this cutting-edge knowledge widens. And in this dynamic industry, it's not just about keeping pace; it's about leading the pack. The more you delay, the more you miss out on the chance to learn, grow, and succeed in this exciting era of self-publishing.

So why wait? The future of book creation and publishing is here. By choosing "Self Publishing AI" now, you are not just purchasing a course but investing in your future as a successful, modern author. It's time to seize this opportunity and start writing your success story today.

Those Are The Sales Done By Andreas Quintana
On The New Platform You Will Discover
Inside "Self Publishing Empire."
He Only Published Three AI Books On It.

2,061 Sales Done On The New Platform With No Traffic At All.

Who Am I?

My name is Alessandro Zamboni, I’m from Italy, and I’ve been an “in the trenches” internet marketer since 2008.

I’ve created a sold many different products and courses in a wide array of niches. And I’ve had success to the point where I reached over 7 figures from my efforts.

But it wasn’t always like this… As a young man, I had some serious medical issues culminating in a benign tumor being removed from my head surgically. I’ve pretty much never been the same since and I’m still recovering from those surgeries.

I became disabled and unable to work a traditional job due to my health issues.
So I had no choice but to seek out alternative methods of making money to support myself and my family. I struggled for years before anything clicked but once I tasted success I ran with it.

And here I am all these years later still fighting, still recovering, and still helping people get fabulous results in their lives from publishing.

Here Is All That You Will Find Inside
"Self Publishing Empire"
This business model is pretty easy to follow, with no stress and hard work.

This is a complete video course, that will take you by the hand and guide you through the steps to create great books that sell.

Inside these videos you are going to:
  •  Discover how to use ChatGPT to sell a lot of books every month, even if it is your first time.
  •  Follow along as we show you how to find book topics that make a lot of money.
  •  Discover how to outline a non-fiction book like a pro in twenty seconds only.
  • ​ Create non-fiction chapters and sub-chapters in minutes to make super-interesting books. 
  • ​ Find out how to format your book easily and with no stress to make it ready for the new platform (this is not like it happens on Amazon'.)
  • ​ Learn how to write a perfect fiction story or novel in one hour and half that will make your customers crazy for more.
  • ​ Create beautiful plots for any fiction genre to sell 50% more of your books each and every month.
  • ​ Discover how to create perfect characters your readers will remember.
  • ​ Benefit from an easy way to keep all your characters under your eyes anytime.
  • ​ How to write your story and force ChatGPT to write more straight-to-the-point content for us.
  • ​ Uncover the best way to make your text human-like in a couple of clicks, and make your readers unaware they are reading AI-generated content.
  • ​ Find how to make your story really yours, to get returning customers.
  • ​ Discover how to make ChatGPT write like you, with your own style.
  • ​ Check how to write in a lot of different tones and styles that fit your point of view.
  • ​ How to create stunning covers for your eBooks, and paperback books, that sell like crazy.
  • ​ How to use this secret new platform to sell your books without bringing traffic.
  • ​ A few techniques to increase your sales if you want to.
  • ​ And much, much more!
As you can see this course has it all, and you will be able to quickly and easily begin to use it to turn it into easy profits for you and your books.

Wait! There Are Some Amazing Bonuses For You
If You Grab This Course Today!

High Priority Email Support

You will get priority access to my email to get extra support and help whenever you need them.

Two Live Events To Ask Your Questions And Work With Me

For two times you get the chance to ask me questions live, and see me while I work to create more books to put on sale in the secret network. You will get full replays of every call.

An Exclusive Facebook Group

A place where you can ask questions, share your sales proof, and follow our suggestions to get more sales on this new platform.

So Are You Ready To Create Brand New Books
In Minutes, And To Sell Them Without Advertising Or Ads?

As we draw to a close, remember that "Self Publishing AI" offers an unprecedented opportunity in the world of modern authorship. This course isn't just about creating fiction and non-fiction books—it's about reshaping the entire process. Imagine generating engaging, lengthy books without having to write every single word. Visualize having your book reach the right audience without the need for relentless promotion. All of this becomes your reality with "Self Publishing AI".

This course unlocks doors to a whole new way of creating and selling books. It paves the way for you to become a successful author in an AI-assisted world, giving you the skills to automate, optimize, and innovate.

Don't let this opportunity slip away. Embrace the future of self-publishing and let your voice be heard through the pages of your books. Dive into the world of "Self Publishing AI" and discover a whole new dimension of writing and publishing today!

All You Need To Get Your Hands On
"Self Publishing Empire" Is To Act Now!

And don’t worry you get to enjoy this course completely risk-free…

Your investment today is protected by our…
Iron Clad 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that when you get your hands on "Self Publishing AI" you are going to be able to start earning money selling the books you create with our method.

So much so that we are willing to make this a completely risk-free investment.

Simply secure your access today and if at any time during the next 14 days you aren’t completely thrilled about the never-seen-before methods we describe inside this course…

I want you to contact me and I will immediately issue a prompt refund for 100% of the purchase price to you, no questions asked! The refund will take max 48 hours, generally much less. Don't open Paypal or Stripe disputes because you will lose them.
With a guarantee and a price like this, we have done everything we can to get this amazing course into your hands!

Seize the Future of Self-Publishing Today!

Simply click the order button below and you will be taken directly to the order form where you can enter your payment information and check out.
As we turn the final words of this letter, it's time for a decisive moment. Every revolution in history has been driven by those brave enough to embrace the new, to see the potential in the unfamiliar. Today, you stand on the brink of such a revolution in the world of self publishing.

The future of book creation and publishing is not coming—it's already here. Traditional ways of publishing, with all their challenges and complexities, are being replaced by a new wave of innovation. An innovation that empowers you, the author, putting the reins firmly in your hands.

Imagine a world free from the common headaches of publishing on platforms like Amazon. No more battling for visibility amidst a flood of competition. No more fighting against a system that seems to favor the already successful. "Self Publishing AI" opens a new door, leading to a publishing network designed to empower and promote you, the creator.

By delaying your decision, you risk being left behind. Every minute that passes is a minute that your story, your knowledge, your unique perspective isn't being shared with the world. The opportunity to bypass traditional publishing issues and truly let your voice be heard is right here, right now.

"Self Publishing Empire" is not just about how to write a book with ChatGPT and publish it—it's a compass guiding you through uncharted territories of a new literary era. This is your chance to pioneer a new way of self-publishing, where your books—created efficiently with the power of AI—find their way into the hands of eager readers.

Don't let this opportunity fade into a distant 'what if?'. Take a bold step into the future of self-publishing. Embrace "Self Publishing Empire" and begin a transformative journey that takes your unique voice from the recesses of your imagination and sends it echoing across the world.

The choice is yours. Will you seize this unmissable opportunity or let it slip away? The future of self-publishing awaits your decision.

Free Yourself From Writing And Publishing Chains,
And Bring Your Books Where They Should Be;
In The Hands Of Your Customers.


Thanks and we look forward to hearing your success stories!

Alessandro Zamboni
Andreas Quintana
P.S. Remember, with "Self Publishing Empire", you are not only learning how to create and publish books in a whole new way. You are jumping on a new platform that is still unknown to the most of self publishers, and that will allow you to have an unfair advantage of time and money over your competitors.

P.P.S. And don't forget, this course equips you with the skills to use AI like ChatGPT to write in your unique voice, craft attractive eCovers, and successfully navigate innovative publishing networks. This isn't just a course, it's a transformative journey into the future of self-publishing. Embark on it today and watch your writing dreams take flight!

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