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Escape rooms are exploding in popularity around the world, with the global market projected to reach $1 billion. Now your audience can tap into this hyper-profitable trend with printable escape rooms.

I'm going to launch "Escape Rooms Empire," the definitive video course on creating and selling printable escape room games on Etsy, with more than 5 hours of videos.

Inside, your customers will get my step-by-step blueprint covering:

+ Top 21 niches and themes that bring in the big bucks
+ Designing 16 brilliant puzzles and challenges
+ Writing compelling storylines and introductions
+ Free software to create professional games
+ Attracting customers and dominating Etsy search
+ Pricing strategies and secrets
+ How to sell like a pro on Etsy
+ Tips and tricks to scale up your business
+ And so much more!

I'm offering you an extremely generous 50% commission on all sales of Escape Rooms Empire and its upsells, which are:

Inline Upsell is a copy of my Egyptian escape room game with PLR rights for $17 at a 50% commission.

OTO1 is a brand-new set of videos on how to increase sales on Etsy. It sells for $27 at a 50% commission.

OTO2 is a video series on how to create mystery, crime, and detective game books. I sell it for $37 at a 50% commissions.

OTO3 is the collection of all my printable products ever released. 15 products at only $67, with a 50% commission for you.

This is the perfect opportunity to provide huge value to your list while earning big commissions from an in-demand product.

Escape rooms are only getting bigger, and the time to get in is now.

Please let me know if you need any other info. Look forward to partnering with you!

Thanks and see you on the leaderboard,
Alessandro Zamboni
In-Line Upsell
SWIPE FILE 1 (Launch Day)

Escape Rooms Empire is Live!
Printable Escape Rooms?


Do you ever feel stuck in an unsatisfying job? Are you looking for a way out of the 9-5 grind?

I've got the perfect solution for you.

Printable escape rooms are an absolute goldmine right now. The global market is expected to hit $1 billion by 2025.

These themed games are crazy popular for date nights, family game nights, corporate team building, and more. Which means the demand for great printable games is sky high.

That's why Alessandro Zamboni created the "Escape Rooms Empire" video course:

==> Escape Rooms Empire

It's the A to Z blueprint for creating fun and engaging printable escape room games to sell on Etsy.

Inside you'll discover:

+ The 21 most popular niche, and profitable themes to know what to create next.
+ Step-by-step videos walking you through designing 16 game types, creating introductions, and putting together full games like a pro.
All the free software you need to make brilliant looking printable escape rooms.
Pricing strategies, and how to dominate the Etsy search.
+ A lot of insider's tips and tricks.

"Escape Rooms Empire" gives you the complete system to tap into the printable escape room craze. You can build a lucrative business that allows you to quit your job and work from anywhere in the world.

Now's the time to get in on the ground floor and stake your claim.

Escape the rat race and start living life on your terms with "Escape Rooms Empire".

==> Escape Rooms Empire

Thanks and see you,

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Sell Printable Escape Rooms For Profit!
Your Etsy Business Will Change Forever


Hello and welcome!

Are you sick of barely scraping by each month, struggling to make ends meet? You know you deserve better.

Well listen up, because I've got the solution: printable escape rooms.

These immersive games are exploding right now. And hungry audiences are desperate for new, exciting printables.

Here's your chance to give the people what they want - AND pocket massive profits along the way.

==> Escape Rooms Empire

The new "Escape Rooms Empire" course shows you EXACTLY how to tap into this goldmine niche. Just follow the simple, paint-by-numbers system to:

+ Choose from 21 WINNING themes that SELL LIKE CRAZY. Themes people go NUTS for.
+ Design 16 challenging games and puzzles GUARANTEED to hook players.
+ Write intriguing storylines that reel readers in and leave them begging for more.
+ Create a complete escape room from start to end with Alessandro.
DOMINATE Etsy search with proven optimization tricks.
+ AUTOMATE the business and SCALE like crazy while cash keeps pouring in.

Everything you need is inside Escape Rooms Empire. Follow the blueprint and start pocketing profits FAST.

==> Escape Rooms Empire

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The Hottest Etsy Trend!
Create Your Own Escape Rooms!


If you have ever felt the urge to turn your creativity into lucrative reality, you are in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time! Allow me to introduce you to a revolutionary breakthrough - "Escape Rooms Empire!" A super video course unveiling the secrets to creating and dominating the world of printable escape rooms.

This is not your run-of-the-mill course. This is your treasure map to the untapped wells of creativity and commercial success, revealing secrets that can transform your life and your wallet!

Discover how to craft 16 various, captivating games and navigate through 21 lucrative niches and countless sub-niches! Get the secret keys to mastering Etsy publishing, optimizing your listings, and watching the sales roll in!

Why be a follower when you can be a trailblazer? "Escape Rooms Empire" empowers you with never-before-seen insights and skills, allowing you to innovate, lead, and reap the rewards in a booming market!

==> Escape Rooms Empire

This is your golden ticket to an empire of creativity and profit. And because I know the immense value it can bring to you, this offer won’t last long. Alessandro Zamboni decided to leave it open for still a few days only.

Remember, the creative and financial freedom you crave is within your reach. Seize this unmatched opportunity to build your empire, and transform your world with "Escape Room Empire!"

It’s time to shatter the shackles and elevate your journey. Dive into the world of printable escape rooms and emerge as a creator and an earner! Are you ready to rise and reign?

Don’t delay - secure your escape rooms empire and prosper!

==> Escape Rooms Empire

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It’s The Last Day :(
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Time is running out, my friend.

If you've been sitting on the fence about "Escape Rooms Empire," you need to make a decision now. Because, frankly, opportunities like this don't come around often. And Alessandro Zamboni decided to close forever this launch, without changing the price.

Let's recap, shall we?

With this course, you are not just getting a video series. You are getting a revolutionary blueprint to fast-track your success in the booming printable escape rooms market.

You are getting a step-by-step guide to generate awesome escape rooms with 16 games you can create with free tools, 21 main niches, brilliant introductions and game master's manual, and don't forget Alessandro will show you how to create a complete escape room as well.

This isn't some pipe dream. This is real. This is happening.

But the best is you are going to discover a niche no one knows how to create. Only three or four sellers are sharing the big earnings pie.

==> Escape Rooms Empire

If you are serious about making your mark in the printables niche, you can't afford to let this opportunity pass you by. You have got to act now.

Because let me tell you, there's nothing quite like the thrill of hearing the "ka-ching!" sound on your cell phone every time you get an order.

And with "Escape Rooms Empire," all of this can be yours. But only if you take action now. Tomorrow the course will be offline.

I urge you not to delay. Remember, success waits for no one. And neither will this opportunity.

==> Escape Rooms Empire

To your publishing success,

I'm very happy to count you in on this special launch, something huge. One of my best launches of all times, for customers and for affiliates like you.

Give me your preference, and I promise I will give you incredible conversions and a lot of commissions. Have any questions (review copies...etc)? Connect with me! Send an email to or search for Alessandro Zamboni on Facebook.

Thanks so much and see you soon,
Alessandro Zamboni
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