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Andreas Quintana, JV partner and friend, has shown his qualities over the years releasing many high-quality courses on the printable and self-publishing niches, and starting a high-ticket career.
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Hello and welcome to an exciting opportunity that's set to change forever the book writing and publishing industry. We are thrilled to have you join us on "Self Publishing Empire," and we are confident that our product will be a fantastic addition to your promotion list.

This course isn't like any other on the market. Here's why:

Unparalleled Value: Priced at $97 for the front-end, the Self Publishing Empire course provides incredible value for money. It's a comprehensive guide that goes beyond just teaching writing skills—it offers an end-to-end solution for self-publishing, taking learners from idea generation to book sale, using AI and innovative publishing platforms.

High Demand: The demand for self-publishing resources is growing exponentially. People are looking for efficient ways to write and publish their books. With this course, they get exactly that, plus the added benefit of leveraging AI (ChatGPT) to make the process faster and easier. This increases the potential customer base and, by extension, your commission potential.

AI-Powered: This course doesn't just leverage any technology; it's powered by ChatGPT, a cutting-edge AI tool developed by OpenAI. The popularity and efficacy of AI in various sectors is on the rise, making this a product people will be excited to buy.

Unique Selling Proposition: The Self Publishing Empire course is a game-changer. It introduces a revolutionary, secret platform where authors can sell their books without the hassle of advertising, a feature that sets us apart from any competition.

Broad Market Appeal: Whether your audience is seasoned authors looking to streamline their writing process, or beginners who've always dreamed of writing a book, this course caters to them all.

High Quality: The course is packed with rich, practical, and actionable content. Your referrals will appreciate the value they get, creating trust in your recommendations for future products.

In short, this product is unique, timely, and perfectly aligned with market demand. It's more than just a course—it's a ticket to self-publishing success using AI and a secret publishing platform, all for a competitive price of $97. This truly makes it a must-promote product for you.

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Alessandro Zamboni & Andreas Quintana
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Imagine this... You write a great book easily. Then, you put it on a website that sells it for you. You don't need to spend time asking people to buy your book or spend money on ads. Sounds cool, right?

That's exactly what you get with this brand new course: "Self Publishing Empire."

You might have heard about AI, short for Artificial Intelligence. Well, now it can help you write your books quickly and easily. In this top course, you will learn how to use a smart tool like ChatGPT to help you write your books. You will be surprised at how easy and fun it is!

But that's not all. After you finish writing your book, Alessandro Zamboni and Andreas Quintana will show you a special website where you can sell your books. The best part? The website does all the selling for you. You don't have to do anything!

The way people write and sell books is changing. Amazon will be out from the game very soon. Every minute you wait, you lose a chance to be a part of this new way of writing and selling books.

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The World Of Self Publishing Is Changing Forever.
Sell Books Without Lifting a Finger?


Hello and welcome!

Imagine a magic button. When you push this button, your thoughts become a book. And then, this book sells by itself, without you lifting a finger. Sound like a dream? With our course, "Self Publishing Empire," this dream comes true.

Ever heard about AI? AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. It's like a smart robot. In our course, we'll show you how to use an AI tool called ChatGPT to write your books. It's so simple, you won't believe it until you try it!

After your book is written, you might ask: "Now, how do I sell it?" Well, we have an answer for that too. We'll show you a special website that sells your books for you. You just need to sit back, relax, and watch your book reach eager readers!

The way people write and sell books is changing quickly. If you wait too long, you'll miss your chance to be part of this new, easy way of doing things.

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Ditch Kindle, It's Time For a New Platform.
AI + Secret Platform = Turbo On Your Publishing!


Hello and welcome.

I never seen something so scary. After you watch the videos of this course, you can ditch Amazon Kindle and paperbooks forever, with no coming back.

The "Self Publishing Empire" course is designed to make the process of writing and publishing a book as straightforward as possible, leveraging the power of cutting-edge AI technology. Specifically, the course will provide you with in-depth training on how to use ChatGPT, an advanced AI language model developed by OpenAI, to create both non-fiction and fiction books.

Outlining a fiction or a non-fiction book becomes a breeze as you follow the step-by-step videos provided in the course. When it comes to fiction, you will uncover tips and tricks on creating captivating plots, well-rounded characters, and engaging stories in a fraction of the time it would traditionally take. You can even fine-tune ChatGPT to mirror your unique writing style, adding a personal touch to your AI-assisted creations.

Once your book is written, the course also introduces you to easy and stress-free methods of formatting your book, alongside techniques for designing attractive covers that will catch the eye of potential readers.

However, writing is just one part of the journey. The real game-changer is the new, secret platform you will discover in this course, designed specifically for selling your books. This platform is revolutionary as it mitigates the need for advertising – your books can sell themselves. In addition, the course offers valuable techniques to boost your sales and navigate the self-publishing landscape with ease.

In sum, the "Self Publishing Empire" course takes advantage of AI and innovative publishing networks to make the task of writing and selling long books not only achievable, but easy and enjoyable as well. By the end of this course, you'll be equipped with the tools and knowledge to build your very own self-publishing empire.


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Time is running out, my friend.

If you've been sitting on the fence about "Self Publishing Empire," you need to make a decision now. Because, frankly, opportunities like this don't come around often.

Let's recap, shall we?

With this course, you are not just getting a video series. You are getting a revolutionary blueprint to fast-track your success in the booming self publishing book market.

You are getting a step-by-step guide to harness the power of AI to generate engaging fiction and non-fiction books. And you're getting the secret sauce to churn out high-quality books in record time, even if you're starting from scratch.

This isn't some pipe dream. This is real. This is happening.

But the best is you are going to discover a new portal to publish your books, that needs no advertising and no word-of-mouth. They will sell books for you.

If you are serious about making your mark in the self publishing niche, you can't afford to let this opportunity pass you by. You have got to act now.

Because let me tell you, there's nothing quite like the thrill of seeing your name on a published book. Or the joy of knowing that your books are being read all around the world.

And with "Self Publishing Empire," all of this can be yours. But only if you take action.

I urge you not to delay. Remember, success waits for no one. And neither will this opportunity.


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I'm very happy to count you in on this special launch, something huge. One of my best launches of all times, for customers and for affiliates like you.

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